12 Christmas Tree Treats for your Holiday Entertaining

Lots of holiday parties are going on right now and if you’re looking for fun Christmas tree recipes, you are in the right place.  I’ve put together a round up of some very fun items that you can make for your various holiday celebrations.  It’s just a great way to kick up the fun!   The […]

Roundup of 20 DIY Holiday Snowflake Designs

‘Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays.  Snowflake designs are one of my favorite holiday decorations.  They’re so pretty and festive.  Best of all you don’t feel guilty if you leave them up clear into January or February.    I put together this round-up of some lovely DIY Snowflake designs.  These are […]

20 Amazing Examples of Colorful DIY Boho Decor for your Gypsy Look

I’ve long been fascinated with boho decor. If you’re wondering what boho decor is, it’s kind of a bohemian, gypsy style of decorating that tends to be fun, funky, and most of all colorful! I grew up in boring, bland apartments, so I am DYING for some color and character in my house, particularly my […]

How to Downsize Your Digital Scrapbooking Pages

One thing I love about digital scrapbooking is that you aren’t necessarily married to a page size.  I typically like to design my pages in 12 X 12, but I don’t necessarily like storing the 12 X 12 albums.  They take up a LOT of space and are kind of awkward to store because they […]

Digital Scrapbooking: Scout Pages – Early Years

I’m a proud Mama today!  My son was just awarded his Eagle rank last night.  So, as we are getting ready to celebrate his achievement, I am scrambling to finish up his Scouting album so we can display it on his display table at his Eagle Court of Honor at the end of the month. I’ve […]

Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

I know this year we are all looking for inexpensive gift ideas, which I think is a wonderful idea. Every year, we all spend so many hundreds of dollars on presents. I love Christmas as much as anyone, but it gets to be too much. Some years it just feels like a big long to-do […]

Disney’s Frozen Princess Elsa Braid Tutorial

Like just about every other girl these days, my granddaughter wants to be Princess Elsa from “Frozen” this year. It seems to be the most popular costume of the year! After MUCH searching, I finally found her the costume for a reasonable price.  But I wanted to do something fun with her hair. So, after […]

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Kid’s Craft Tutorial: Popsicle Stick Catapults

Isn’t it funny how sometimes the simplest of things can be the most fun?  One of our Scout leaders came up with these little catapults and we’ve used them several times since then.  The kids just love them.  They would be perfect for birthday parties, Sunday school classes, Scout activities (obviously!), or even Homeschooling Physics […]

A Super Easy One-Hour Gift Idea – Origami Dollar Hearts

This is one of my rare crafty posts, but this little gift idea was just too easy and too good to share.  I used it as a graduation gift for my friend’s daughter, but you could use it for so many different gifts for people of all ages – a neighbor, a co-workers, a friend […]

EASY DIY Tutorial for Gorgeous Tied Fleece Blankets

Did I mention that I have a new addiction?  I have been making boatloads of these lovely tied fleece blankets.  I’ve made them for all my family members and we’ve made about 200 of them at our #GivingTuesday events, so I’m feeling like a bit of an expert on them now.  So I thought I’d […]

Tutorial: DIY Tied Fleece Blankets

  I’m so glad you’re here!  I don’t do a lot of crafty posts, but this is one of my favorites because they are so easy and inexpensive to make, plus they make a lovely and cozy gifts. Come to think of it, I’m snuggled up in this exact blanket right now as I’m writing […]

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Digital Scrapbooking – Bloggy Boot Camp Page

This week, I thought I’d share one of my favorite pages.  Our very own Tip Junkie herself is with me in the left hand picture.  The SITSgirls are in the center picture, and Kim of Todays Creative Blog is in the right hand picture.   These were all taken at the Bloggy Boot Camp event in […]