Camping Hacks to Make Your Camping Trips Easier

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Camping is a great American tradition and I guess anywhere else in the world too.  But it does have it’s inconveniences, so I’ve found a few clever camping hacks that will make your camping experience amazingly easy!  Especially if you’re not a very experienced camper, you might enjoy my Pinterest board called “A Camping We Shall Go”. I’ve filled it with all the best camping hacks from Pinterest.

 Here are my best devices and camping hacks


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I’ve gone through and picked a few of my favorites to share with you.  For instance, there is the DIY bug screen to keep wasps and mosquitoes out of your drink.  That’s clever and super easy to throw together.  

Simple way to keep wasps and mosquitos out of your drink.


Here’s one that I use with my Boy Scouts.  Keep your spices in these handy Tic Tac containers.  This is from TheKitchn.  They have these Patrol Boxes with all their cooking gear, and they aren’t very large, so these Tic Tac containers are just the perfect size.  

You’d think that Scouts wouldn’t use a lot of spices, or wouldn’t be very good cooks, but I’d beg to differ with you there.  We have an annual Iron Chef Cooking Competition on our Fall Campout that is actually pretty amazing.  Last year, there were street tacos, empanadas, an orange cornbread dessert – pretty good stuff!

Keep your Spices in TicTac containers.


Ever tripped over a tent rope in the middle of the night?  How ’bout these LED Tent Pegs from Amazon?  Now, THAT’S a clever idea!

organzing strategies

Along the same lines – WHY do they make tent straps black?  Answer:  So you can trip over them and kill yourself on the way to the bathroom during the night?  I’m guessing these white ones are a LOT easier to see.  

organzing strategies

And you camper types – raise your hand if you’ve ever had a water leak in your camper (raises hand).  It’s not fun and it’s not pretty, especially after dark.  Think it would help to keep some of this leak-seal tape in your camper’s toolkit?  Yup!   With this stuff, some zip ties and a bit of duct tape, you’re ready to conquer the world!

organzing strategies

How ’bout these portable bunkbeds for the kids?  I think these are SO cute and clever and it would take up a lot less space in your tent.

organzing strategies

These kids bunkbed cots are brilliant.

Plus it folds down neatly to give them a place to play, although I don’t know if they would stand up to the rough housing my kids always seem to do!

I could see so many uses for this portable trash bag holder.  You can not only use it camping, you can use it at home – it would hook onto the end of your counter for food waste, or you could put it on the edge of the patio during a party.  Very useful little gadget.

organzing strategies

Portable trash bag holder - so many different uses

I think the most useful thing to have on a camping trip is a good flashlight.  My husband has one of those military flashlights, but the darn thing is about a foot long and very heavy.  I think this Nightlighter Flashlight by Oval one is SO much more practical.  It lights your feet and also the path ahead of you and also has a comfortable grip so you don’t drop it.  Now, that’s a great camping hack!

organzing strategies

This is the best flashlight I've seen for camping! Lights both your feet and the path ahead of you.


Ever had a hard time getting a fire started?  It’s a nasty smoky business sometimes.  That’s why I think these fire starter thingies are such a great idea!

camping hacks

Strike a Fire Firestarters for your next camping trip.

Tinfoil cooking is one of my most favorite camping hacks.  Here is a fun video from the BSA that shows you exactly how to do it.

Here are some easy tinfoil dinner recipes from Camping with Gus.  My Scouts have used recipes like this many times – I’ve seen them bring fish, sausage, chicken, just about anything you can cook up in tinfoil.  We’ve also made cupcakes in an orange peel – just take an orange, lop off the top, scoop out the guts (makes a nice pancake topping), fill 1/2 way with your favorite cake mix, then double wrap with foil and put in the hot coals.  Eeeeaaasy peasey camping hack!

Tinfoil dinner recipes from Camping with Gus

I hate to overshare, but my biggest anxiety in camping is the possibility of peeing outdoors.  Thankfully, they have some really fabulous solutions that they didn’t have back in my camping days.  This whole Go Go Girl Kit has everything you need to discretely do your thing in the outdoors.

camping hacks

Go Go Girl Kit has everything you need for those wilderness pitstops.


These new JetBoil cooking systems are the BOMB!  I first saw one when one of my Scouts had one on a camping trip. They’re very compact and easy to use – the perfect camping hack, especially if you are one of those who needs immediate COFFEE in the morning.

camping hacks

These JetBoil cooking systems are the bomb! Best camping hack ever!


These JetBoil cooking systems are the bomb! Best camping hack ever!


Well, there you go.  I hope these camping hacks will help you to enjoy your outdoor trips.

If you’d like to share some of your own camping hacks in the comments, I’d LOVE to hear them.

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  1. These ideas are amaze-balls! We plan on camping this summer and these ideas will come in very handy 🙂 Stopping by from the linkup.

  2. I love a day hike, but camping’s not my thing. You have some great suggestions for making it more liveable! I especially like the spices in tic tac containers. No reason your food has to be bland just because you’re outside, right?

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