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I am the Adrian behind Adrian’s Crazy Life.  That name perfectly describes my life and probably yours too!  I do live an insanely busy life – 60 to 70 hour weeks are the norm for me but I LOVE being so busy because I get to do a ton of very cool stuff.

Here’s what you can expect from Adrian’s Crazy Life:


Tips to help you with parenting tweens, teens and adult kids.  So if you have older kids, here are some parenting posts you might find helpful.  I’m also a Scout Leader who sometimes writes for the BSA – here are some Scout posts.


I’m sharing info on side hustles, debt snowballs, and managing day-to-day financial behavior.  I’ve worked as a Financial Analyst and spreadsheet expert in various industries for nearly 40 years, so I’m writing as a career woman and family breadwinner.  Here are my best money posts you might find helpful.


I’ve always struggled with these issues (no wonder with a schedule like mine!).  But I’ve gotten ready good on getting the work done FAST using the great lessons and tools I’ve picked up for organizing, cleaning and decluttering  There’s many posts to help you whip your home into shape in record time!


Cruises and travel are my most popular posts.  There are many tips to help you plan your travel and cruises effectively.  Here are my cruise posts.

Product Reviews

I also do a number of product reviews, gift guides, and/or book reviews.  If you are a brand or an influencer network, please contact me for more information.  You can see all my product posts here.  After decades in the Corporate world, I am thorough, professional, honest and I follow through on what I have agreed to do.

Tech Blogger/Pinterest Posts

I actually started a separate site for my many technical blogging and social media posts.  It’s called Help for New Bloggers.  C’mon over there and have a look if you’re interested in the behind the scenes stuff.

I’ve been featured as a guest poster on some of the following sites:

Empowered Parenting, MomItForward, The SITS Girls, The Real Housewives of Riverton, Organize with Sandy, Utah Scouts blog, Aiming Low, the Princess and her Cowboys, Liv, Laugh, Love, Cook with a Shoe, and several others I am probably forgetting!

Welcome to Adrian’s Crazy Life!

You can reach me at:

AdriansCrazyLife at gmail dot com

Facebook:  Facebook.com/AdriansCrazyLife
Twitter:  Twitter.com/AdriansCrazyLif
Pinterest: Pinterest.com/AdriansCrazyLif
Instagram: Instagram.com/AdriansCrazyLif
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