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I am the Adrian behind Adrian’s Crazy Life.  That name perfectly describes my life and probably yours too!  I understand a busy and chaotic life, because that’s how I’ve lived for all these years, but I also have lots of tips to share with you to help you TAME your crazy life and get some semblance of peace.

Here’s the back story about my unusual and crazy life:

I worked full-time in the Corporate Finance world for 40 years, most of it at Wells Fargo. But I also am a serial entrepreneur so I ran a string of side businesses during that time-frame and also while raising our 3 boys.  So I am extraordinarily organized and motivated to succeed.

I was a successful eBay seller, worked on the side as a home organizer (wanted to be the next Flylady!), was wildly unsuccessful at selling stamping and scrapbooking supplies for Stampin’ Up! but had a great time and made some great friends.  Have a side business doing debt-free coaching – that’s been very successful.  Finally I landed on blogging and developed a new career as a Virtual Assistant and Social Media Consultant to other bloggers.   Check out my blogger tech site – HelpforNewBloggers.com or my personal finance site- Start a New Chapter Consulting.

I’ve also been a very involved Scout Mom/Leader and used to be a contributor for some of the BSA blogs.  My husband and I are still very involved in Scouting.  I also sit on the Board of a charity working with Protestant and Catholic Teens from N. Ireland and Utah.  So, lots going on, but it’s all stuff I enjoy!

In 2019, I got very tired of Corporate life and took a very EARLY retirement (basically I QUIT, but let’s call it a retirement) to work full-time in my VA business.  I was so very grateful that I had a little trap door that my equally miserable co-workers didn’t because I already had a successful side business simmering on the back burner.

But a short 3 months later, I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  Then a few months later – pandemic!  Quite a roller coaster for my first official year in business.  But shockingly, it all worked out.  Even though I was sometimes working from a hospital bed (3 surgeries during 2020!), I still managed to DOUBLE my business thanks to a dear friend who sent me a whole portfolio of great clients!

Now, I am fully recovered and I run the business with the help of my 74-year-old sister.  Personally, I think it is hilarious that a couple of “over the hill” gals like us can manage an Internet business.

Lessons Learned

Never give up

and never underestimate yourself!  You can cuss and moan the whole time, but KEEP GOING.

Try new things

Try ALL the things!  You never know which one is going to work out for you.  And for the love of Pete – if you’re unhappy in your job, your marriage, or your life in general, make another choice!  You aren’t a tree – pick up and MOVE.  Happiness might be just around the corner.

You CAN change

I used to have an incredibly messy house and be flat broke most of the time.  But I learned and I changed and now these things are AWESOME for me.  Check out my posts on organizing, house cleaning, and personal finance.  Lots of great ideas there.

Don’t believe the stereotypes

Older women can’t manage computers – ha!  You have a serious illness, so you can’t do the things you want to.  My kids or my husband won’t go along with the changes I want to make.  I don’t have enough money to do things.  All these are BULLSHIT.  For every challenge you have (and I know they are REAL challenges) – other people have found a way to push through them.  This means you can too!

Love your kids

Believe in them.  Set high expectations for them, then let them surprise you.  I’ve been very lucky with my kids, but I’ve also put a lot into making a good life for them.  And I’ve got a ton of tips for how to help you get through the rough teen and young adult years.  There’s a ton of other blogs for potty training and toddler temper tantrums, but not much on how to deal with surly teens or entitled adults living in your basement!

Say YES to travel

Travel is my #1 priority these days and I’ve got a ton of posts on helping you find great travel options that are semi-affordable.  Cancer taught me that life is too short to pass up awesome opportunities to really ENJOY your one and only life.

Welcome to Adrian’s Crazy Life!

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