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7 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Ship Cabin

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Recently, a friend of ours went on a cruise with her lifelong friend.  However, after that cruise, they are no longer friends. Yikes!   Sharing a cruise ship cabin, even with a close friend, can be a tricky situation.

Regardless if you are going on a cruise with a group, another couple, or just a good friend, it’s important to go into the trip with your eyes wide open.  Especially if you are going to be sharing a cruise ship cabin with someone.  Those cabins are tiny enough to drive anyone crazy if you spend enough time crammed up in one with someone.

Sharing a cabin on an upcoming cruise? Here are some tips you might find helpful to keep the peace with in your cruise ship cabin

Here are my Top 7 Tips for Sharing a Cruise Ship Cabin:

  1. Try to be extra tolerant of differences.  This isn’t a long-term situation, so as much as you possibly can, just try to grin and bear it.  If there are problems that you can’t live with or you feel are unsafe, then bring it up gently and be prepared to suggest a compromise solution.
  2. Set some expectations up front.  If you’re an early bird and your friend is a night owl, or they’re a slob and you’re a germaphobe, have a friendly, but clear discussion on how you can find ways to respect each other’s needs.
  3. Do your part to keep the cabin tidy and share storage space fairly. Showing consideration is likely to make your friend be more considerate also (not an ironclad guarantee however!).
  4. Give each other some daily breathing room.  It would be unusual if you and your friends like exactly the same activities.  Sit down at breakfast every morning and plan out a schedule for the day that includes some “we” time and some “me” time.  You and your friend don’t need to be joined at the hip every moment, be prepared to set a reasonable schedule for you both up front.
  5. Sleeping is the time when you might have the most problems.  Most of us have a variety of ironclad rituals around sleep and a sleep-deprived roommate is a cranky one.  Full disclosure is required if there are issues around snoring, frequent bathroom visits, a very light sleeper, insomnia, excessive bedtime reading or TV watching, morning grumpiness, and even sleep attire (or lack of – eek!).
  6. Table manners and drinking habits could be a point of contention as well.  If your new roomie is a close friend, you probably are aware if they are a loud chewer, or the “I love ya man” drunk guy, but sometimes a cruise can bring out some unexpected and unwelcome behavior.
  7. Share the plugs!  Cabins are notoriously short on electrical outlets and everyone has various devices that are in need of power.  Either bring along a power strip to share or only have your devices plugged in when they actually NEED the juice.

Just some suggestions if you are sharing a cruise ship cabin with folks other than your spouse (who is presumably used to putting up with your adorable habits).  With a little planning, it can be a great experience for everyone.

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Helpful Items for Sharing a Cruise Ship Cabin

Here are some items you might find helpful for trips where you are going to be sharing a cruise ship cabin or even a crowded hotel room.  Note that these are affiliate links, so I will receive a small commission for any purchases.

A sleep mask / ear plug duo

A sleep mask / ear plug set in a silk travel pouch particularly for sharing a cruise ship cabin or hotel room.

How ’bout this nifty power strip/USB combo


Check out this compact power strip/USB combo for your cruise ship cabin

Over the door shoe holder to hold all sorts of things

Over the door shoe holders are a staple in most cruise ship cabinsNot to be indelicate, but you might want some of this poopourri spray – I’m just sayin’

A little poopourri might be a good idea when sharing a cruise ship cabin

These under the bed velcro nightlights are the bomb!  Battery operated and motion sensitive for late-night restroom visits

YThese nightlights are amazing for sharing a cruise ship cabin

You absolutely NEED these pillow speaker headphones if you have trouble with background noise or if you want to listen to your own music.  You can also turn them sideways and use them as a sleep mask as well – win-win.

Pillow speaker headband is soooo handy for sharing a cruise ship cabin. These are amazing for cruises or any type of vacation.,

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  1. These are great tips! I’ve only been on one cruise in my life and it was a good experience overall. I didn’t have to share a cabin and I’d recommend budgeting for your own cabin to be safe. I know that’s not an option for everyone, but it’s worth weighing the extra cost versus the price you put on your happiness and sleep. 😉

    1. I should’ve mentioned that option because actually it’s great advice. Some situations just can’t be worked out and a good friendship is worth a few extra dollars.

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