Planning a wedding is one of the MOST STRESSFUL things a couple will ever do together.  Well, let’s be honest, MOST of the work falls on the BRIDE. Picking the venue, the dress, the cake, the invitations and dealing with the stress of who to invite and who to skip.  It could make Mother Teresa into a raving lunatic. That’s why you need a service like Zola.  There are many different tasks they can assist you with in having the most beautiful and organized wedding ever.  Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, but fear not ‘cause Zola has your back!

Wedding planning can be stressful. Get smart and plan your wedding the easy way with Zola.

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There are several awesome tasks that Zola can simplify so you and your husband can focus on the important stuff like picking your dress, writing your vows, and planning the ultimate honeymoon.  

Design your Wedding invitation with a matching website

Selecting your wedding invitation is your one of your first tasks, so you’ll want to to pick a beautiful design that is unique and personalized to the two of you.  This is a great way to impress your guests and will set the spirit of the party. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had a matching website for your gift registry and RSVP’s.  Zola can do that, so you can keep track who is on the “DEFINITELY YES” list – like your husband’s favorite aunt, and who is on the “maybe” list – like your weird cousin Norman who lives out of town…  

You can also distribute “Save the Date” invitation with your sweetest pre-wedding couples photo. You don’t even have to keep track of all those scraps of paper with people’s addresses on them.  They can be entered directly into your wedding website and print elegant labels, or even send out Email reminders.

Create a FREE Zola Wedding Website

A wedding website is so helpful for your guests.  It will save getting eighteen last-minute texts about where to turn left to find the venue.  You can upload a map, fun photos of the wedding planning, weather reports – anything that would be entertaining and helpful for your guests.  You could even have an FAQ page about how you met, your favorite colors, or highlight a few top items from your Zola gift registry. They have literally thousands of items for your new home and your new life together.  Gifts include over 200 coveted brands (from registry mainstays like Vera Wang, Kate Spade & KitchenAid and Oneida)

A new thing a lot of couples are doing is accepting monetary donations for their honeymoon trip.  Zola can set that up in a tasteful way and include some photos of the places you wish to visit on your honeymoon.  You can match your website design to your save the date and invitation cards and even include your engagement photos.  

Simplify your wedding planning with Zola. They have an amazing registry and you can even request donations from friends and family for a honeymoon trip. Click To Tweet

Wedding planning can be stressful. Get smart and plan your wedding the easy way with Zola.

Managing your Guest List

Your guest list can be one of the most challenging steps in wedding planning.  You’re trying to balance your wedding budget along with the space at the venue in counterpoint to your desire not to offend any of your friends or family members on both sides.  That’s genuinely tricky. The Zola website will help you make those tough decisions and keep track of your headcount for your caterer.

Pro tip:  10%-20% of the people are going to flake at the last minute – they’ll forget, get sick, have a last-minute conflict, or just decide to stay home.  So, you can safely fudge the numbers a bit higher than you’d expect. It’s better to have a crowded and fun party than a ghost town at your wedding.  

Once you have finalized the guest list, add their cell numbers to your database so you can send them texts with last-minute reminders.  After the wedding, don’t forget to send them photos and your coordinated “Thank You” notes also from Zola. Ask your guests to add a few of their own candid shots to your website.  

All these amazing tips are made possible without spending too much of your time and money because of Zola, who works behind the scenes to manage your “Save the Dates”, wedding invitations, checklist, and guest list manager, all in one place FOR FREE. They have hundreds of designs you can choose from. Check out the Zola Registry here now for their extensive list of wedding gifts to choose from.  

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