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An online shopping addiction can be a real problem for your finances.  Actually, ANY kind of shopping addiction can be a real problem for your finances, but online shopping is SO easy, it can get out of hand very quickly.  All it takes is a few clicks and you can really blow your budget for a whole payday.  

This isn’t just a theory on my part – I struggle with impulse shopping myself.  Actually, I come by it naturally – I inherited it from my Mom and her pre-internet mail order shopping habits.  After she passed, we cleared out shelves full of unread books and boxes of unopened craft supplies.  So these tips I’m sharing with you are ones I’ve had to implement in my own life.

I wouldn’t say that I’ve completely solved my problem, but let’s say I’m a recovering online shopping addict.  I hope these tips will help you on the path to your own recovery.

I have tips to help you stop overshopping. They've worked well for me!

Tip #1 – Be Aware of your Triggers.

Online shopping doesn’t just happen out of the blue.  There are triggers that get the snowball rolling.  You’ll have to do some detective work to define what your own triggers are, but I’m happy to share mine.  I have three main triggers that get me going:

Boredom – this is a big one for me, especially if I am feeling bored AND lonely.  I think that’s not unusual. It’s not a good feeling to be sitting around on a weekend and not have anything fun to do or have someone to do it with.  So, you resolve that negative feeling with a new pair of jeans or some shoes, when really you’d be happier to do something with a friend.

Solution:  There are several solutions to this.  Widen your circle of friends and activities so you have more options if your best friends are busy.  Join a dance class or take up a new hobby (a LOW-COST hobby).  Join some online groups so you can chat with your online friends if you can’t get out and do something.  Even playing a game or reading a book will distract you from the temptation to shop.  Even better: Start a side hustle like selling on Ebay or selling essential oils – it will earn extra money to pay off your debts and also keep you too busy to be bored.


On the next page, we are going to cover my biggest trigger that starts my shopping cycle.


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