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Now that winter is over, we are coming into travel season.  I frequently write about travel, particularly cruises and they are my most popular posts.  So, when I was asked to write a post about Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotics, I thought I would talk about how Nature Made® products are a great fit for keeping healthy during your travels.  

Don't forget your Nature Made Probiotics on your next trip.

In my experience with traveling, particularly on cruises, it can be SO fun.  But it can also be somewhat exhausting and sometimes a little bit stressful.  Your daily routine is all upset.  And you may not have the same opportunities to eat healthy foods or get as much rest or exercise as you usually would.

Plus, if you are on a cruise, you are typically eating a lot more and are frequently sampling exotic or rich foods that you may not be accustomed to.  This can easily lead to constipation, irregularity or other stomach issues like gas or bloating.  Nature Made® Advanced Dual Action Probiotics help support your digestive balance and a healthy gut flora.  It works on both your small and large intestine to relieve gas, bloating, abdominal discomfort, and irregularity.  

When I am traveling, I want to be able to enjoy my day and all the fun activities I have planned with my family.  So, I take a few extra minutes to pack all of my Nature Made® Vitamins and Supplements.  Then I can start my day off well.  Nature Made® Vitamins are my trusted partner in making every day just a little healthier. I believe in doing that one extra thing to better my overall wellness.  Since Nature Made® is the number one pharmacist recommended brand, that’s my best choice.  I get mine at WalMart where they have a great selection of Nature Made® products.  

A few items I usually pack for a trip, including my Nature Made Probiotics

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17 Comments on Traveling with Nature Made® Dual Action Probiotics

  1. Adrian,
    I like your style. You’re a neat lady. Just found your blog. I have to take probiotics (chronic medical issue) and I use refrigerated probiotics, since my gastro said they are the best quality. It has been 25 years, and they truly work great. They have discovered that your gut is part of your immune system, so they are so important.

    Remember when they took out the appendix, like it wasn’t important, and now they know it is your probiotic generator. The biggest contributors to mankind are researches. Especially medical ones.

    • Exactly! Much as I love travel, it can be stressful and hectic sometimes. I think this is a good way to keep yourself feeling good. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Yes!!! I definitely enjoy my vacations much more when I take probiotics! I usually try and look for yogurt or other drinks that have probiotics while traveling, but this would be much easier to pack and ensure that I can always have them on hand. Love the tip!

  3. What a great way to stay tip top while on vacation! Definitely going to have to remember this for our traveling this summer. Thanks for the ideas, Adrian!

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