New Year’s Motivation – My BEST Weight Loss Tips

Welcome to 2018!  These are my best weight loss tips for your New Year. Every year, the #1 Resolution people have is to lose weight.  To me, it is always perfect timing, just because of our holiday schedule.  Most folks start their holiday eating binge in November for Thanksgiving, then Christmas takes off like a rocket.  We have parties, holiday goodies in the office (I got THREE enormous gift baskets stuffed with goodies this year – wow!) and neighbors showing up with treats.  

After that onslaught of calories, I am frankly relieved to get back to some sensible eating.  True confession – I have always struggled with my weight – always!  In my younger days, I tried some of the more extreme diets – protein shakes, diet pills, high protein, you name it.  None of them were even remotely successful for me and some of them were pretty miserable.

Crazy Stupid Ways to Lose Weight for your New Year's Motivation


So, now I tend to go with the more moderate and sensible diet plans – Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems, etc.  In comparison, some of them were successful.  Jenny Craig was the best at 30 a pound loss, but I eventually gained it back, and I lost my gallbladder due to the very low fat content.  Seems like Weight Watchers is great, but I’ve done it 8 times with little success because I get annoyed tracking the points.

As a result, these days, I just focus on behavior modification techniques.  Basic stuff like drinking more water, adding some exercise into my morning routine (here’s a recent post on my indoor walking program) and adding more healthy foods into my meals.

In conclusion, I’m particularly fond of quick and simple hacks that help to use your habits to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you.  So, all of the posts I’m going to share will give you some of my crazy stupid weight loss tips and life hacks that ANYONE can use.  Most noteworthy, these are simple tips that require NO willpower and will help you be successful at whichever weight loss program you choose to go with.

Let’s start with my Five BEST Weight Loss Products

These are simple and inexpensive products (less than $25 in most cases) to help boost your weight loss.

Here are your fitness options.

They range from free to cheap to more expensive (but I will show you how to get the best deals).

FREE – A Weird Way to Exercise I Learned from my Mom

CHEAP – Thrifty Ways to Lose Weight

EXPENSIVE – 6 Ways to Save Money on a Gym Membership

These are my crazy stupid weight loss tips to stick with your New Year's motivation

My Best Weight Loss Tips

This post covers all of my BEST weight loss and motivational tips.  It’s definitely worth a read.

My Five BEST Tips for Weight Loss

Ultimate Life Hack Series

Most of all, I’m particularly proud of this series of posts.  It takes a bunch of life hack tips I’ve picked up from several brainy books that I enjoy.  Pick one or all of them to read.  I guarantee they are worth your time.

Beat the Buffet

Skinny-Size Your Kitchen

Manage Your Snacking

Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Tips for your School Cafeteria

Come back tomorrow for my best tips on money management and getting rid of your holiday debt.

Intro Post – My Fool-Proof Secret Strategies for Your New Year’s Motivation

Day 1 – Weight Loss Tips

Day 2 – Manage Your Money

Day 3 – Declutter/Organize Your Home

Day 4 – Be a Better Parent

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