Well, here we are again – ready to start off another New Year’s Day.  If you’re like most people (and like me too!) you started off last New Year’s with a resolution or three for things you wanted to change.  And if you’re like most folks, by February 1st, you were right back where you started.  Sound familiar?  

How ’bout we do things a bit differently this year.  What’s that saying about insanity and doing the same things over and over?  This year, I want to start you off right.  The good news is that I have a TON of really great material on my site that relates to motivation and self-improvement.  The bad news is that it’s all buried deep in my archives.  But the even better news is that I’m going to dig it all out to share with you.  Then, BOTH of us can work on getting our New Year’s cycle started off in a positive direction rather than the same old same old.

These are my foolproof tips for how to break those bad habits and start your New Year's off RIGHT.


Over the course of the next week or so, I’m going to create a series of posts.  Weight loss is always at the top of everyone’s list, so I’m going to start with my very BEST Weight Loss posts.  I’ve got some really terrific ideas to help both of us lose weight.  I need them too after my own holiday indulgences so let’s lose together and nevermind the package of Peep’s Marshmallow snowmen, I had for breakfast (hey, it’s not New Year’s Day here YET!).

Next in line, I think should be the debt free and money management posts.  This is one of my favorite topics, so I have lots of posts on this one.  In fact, here is a little tidbit I published just the other dayhow to recover from holiday overspending, where I share my fabulous debt-free Christmas idea.  You can start right now to make sure you don’t go overboard for NEXT year’s holiday spending.

Then, I think next on the list is going to be home organization tips.  I don’t know about you, but taking that tree down and packing away the decorations puts me in the mood to burn down the whole house – um, do a little decluttering and cleaning up.  So, that will be day three.

Then, after a couple of weeks cooped up in the house with your little darlings, I think we’ll toss out some of my best parenting posts.  We all want to be better parents, right?

In the meantime, you don’t think I’m going to send you away empty-handed on New Year’s Day, do you?  These are my BEST general motivation posts.  These will set up the foundation for ANY changes you want to make.  I suggest you start with:

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Anything

This one is really worth a read.  I share five insanely clever strategies to maintain the motivation for long-term change.

This one is a quick read, but it’s definitely a technique I use daily.

How to Use Quotes for Daily Motivation.

I’m a visual person, so having lots of great quotes printed out and sitting in various places around my home and office has been really helpful for me to cement those ideas in my thick head!

OK, this one is a post I’ve been meaning to write, but I haven’t yet.

But here is the basic idea.  We all have to type in lots of passwords every day.  It’s annoying and they are a pain to remember.

But there’s a simple trick to turn them into a motivational strategy.  Build your passwords around the improvements you are trying to make.  For instance, Walk4Me=Less is a nice, secure password and it’s also a subtle reminder for you to walk more to lose weight.  There is an endless supply of ideas you can turn into passwords so you can remind yourself about your goals dozens of times a day.  Clever, huh?

Come visit tomorrow and we’ll start off the series with weight loss tips.  I’ll post links here as I finish them.

These are my foolproof tips for how to break those bad habits and start your New Year's off RIGHT.

Day 1 – Weight Loss Tips

Day 2 – Manage Your Money

Day 3 – Declutter/Organize Your Home

Day 4 – Be a Better Parent


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