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Once in a while, I find things that I really think are cool and want to share with you.  I ran across Halftees at a conference recently and I thought they were really a cool concept to expand your wardrobe, particularly for plus sized women.

I’ve been a plus-sized woman for all my adult life, and I use a lot of layering in my clothing choices, but when you are trying for a flattering look, the last thing you want is MORE bulk in your outfit.  Halftees are perfect in that respect. They stop with an elastic band just under the bustline and there are a variety of sleeve lengths and textures. Everything from a tank style, to a 3/4 sleeve to a full sleeve, and there are lace and the burnout version shown below as well as a variety of very appealing solid colors.

Halftees are these amazing shirts that are perfect for layering under dresses, sweaters, tops, etc. Or if you've got a wonderful figure like this, you could just wear them as a crop top - ha! They are terrific layering pieces.

Gorgeous isn’t it?  Man, I wish I had a figure like that – I’d just wear it as a crop top!  It would almost be worth it just to freak out my kids, but I think I’ll stick with my layers.  The owner allowed me to select two Halftees to enjoy for this post – one was a grey short-sleeved boyfriend tee and the other was in Acai (a very pretty purple) with a 3/4 length sleeve.  I’ve been wearing them with just about everything all Winter and Spring.

Halftees are the most versatile pieces in your closet. You can wear them frontwards or backwards to vary the neckline and they don't add bulk under your layers.

The coolest feature of Halftees is something I found out by accident.  I wondered why there wasn’t a tag in the back of it.  Then that’s when I remembered that they are reversable – not inside-out reversable, but front to back reversable.  The neckline is slightly higher in the back than the front, so depending on the outfit or your personal preference on modesty, you can choose from the two different neckline styles.

Visit their website at and check out some of their styles and colors.  This would be a great addition to any wardrobe.

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