Expert Tips on What to Pack for a Blog Conference


I've been to tons of conferences and I give you the insider tips on what to bring and how to get the most out of them.

I am about to head out for my third Build Your Blog Conference next week – this will be my one dozenth blog conference.  If that doesn’t make me an “expert”, I don’t know what does. There are always a ton of questions from people on what to pack, what to bring, what to do, etc.  So I always try to pull together a quick list of items and quick tips to help people out.

A blog conference can be soooo fun, but at the same time, they are very hectic, overwhelming, and exhausting.  You are meeting dozens of new and old friends (and trying to keep everyone’s name straight!), you are learning tons of stuff, and making critical business connections, all while you are trying to meet a crazy schedule and still try to get in a little food and sleep.  It’s definitely an intense experience.

The MOST Important Thing – What to Wear!

So, you want to pack light and efficient, but still remain stylish and keep your options open because you never know if you’re going to end up taking a half-mile walk to dinner, or sitting in a freezing conference room.

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So, let’s start from the ground up – your shoes are literally your foundation.  I know you are going to want to wear those beautiful peep-toe pumps with the tiny heels and yes, you will look terrific, but you’ll be soooo much happier if you choose comfortable flats.  I’ve been drooling over these Lindsay Phillips Snaps Ballet flats with the snap-on sparklies.  I’m a girl who never met a rhinestone I didn’t like.


My go-to shoes for cruises are these Bob’s flats. They are cheap and come in a ton of colors and styles.  These black lace jobbies (Bobbies?) are awesome.



For clothes, just go with nicer tops with an option to add a light cardigan if it gets chilly.  I usually wear jeans on one day and a long skirt the next.  If you pick a color “theme” like black, white, and grey, then you can match your shoes, accessories, and sweaters and mix it up a bit without packing a ton of clothes.  I generally go with eye-catching and bold accessories just to give an outfit that extra “pop” of color and style.  You are making a first impression on a lot of people, so stay away from anything that makes you feel “frumpy”.

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  1. Maybe someday I will try one of these. When I see bloggers talk about their experiences, they always look so fun!

    • Adrian's Crazy Life says:

      I sure wish you would! I’d LOVE to meet you at a conference some day. These conferences are so awesome. You learn so much and make so many great friends.

  2. Thank you Adrian! This post was very informative. I have been to a small conference but Buildyour Blog is going to be my first “big” one. Hope to meet you to say Hi!

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