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As much as we love our furry friends, they are a huge source of mess.

Boy, is this one an issue for me!  I have one white, long-haired very fluffy cat, another short-haired cat, AND a St Bernard.

I can lint brush like crazy, but some days I feel like a float in the pet hair parade!  I’m constantly amazed that they both aren’t completely BALD they shed so much hair.  Now, I’m not saying you should get rid of Fluffy or Fido.  I’m just saying you want to minimize the mess.  Regular grooming with something like this grooming glove and an excellent diet can help a lot with the shedding.

Keeping a towel or a long mat like this one, by the back door can help a lot with muddy paw prints.

And birds – just don’t.  I have a pair of teeny little finches and while they’re darn cute, they are a ridiculous mess.  Their idea of eating seems to be to stick their little beaks in the food bowl and flip out as much seed as they possibly can.

I've discovered not one, but SEVEN different ways you can keep your house cleaner Click To Tweet

OK, so there you have it.  If you are able to use even three of these strategies, it will create a noticeable difference.  Or if you could implement five of them, you would be a rockstar in the clean house department.  But if you could did ALL of them, I’ll bet you could eliminate 50% or more of your housework.  Give it a shot for a week or two and come back and let me know if these tips help you.

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20 Comments on 7 Ways to Make Your House SELF CLEANING

  1. OMG dog hair! It is INSANE! Our dust bunnies even have their own pets! And don’t start on birds. We used to have several parakeets in a large cockatiel cage. The seeds and the feathers everywhere were ridiculous. And that’s WITH one of the mesh cage skirts! Feathers stuck to nearby curtains, air vents, up in the ceiling corners, mingled with the dog hair on the floor. No more birds, uh uh. Nice to look at and listen to, but the only birds we keep now are outdoor chickens and ducks.

    • Yes, I definitely will not be replacing our remaining little birdie when she goes. It’s funny though – my husband was adamantly against getting them, but now LOVES them. When he comes in from work, he sits and chatters to her even before he says hello to us!

    • You and me both. This blog helps (a bit) because I feel if I’m writing about it, I have to live it, but it’s definitely an ongoing struggle for me. I hope you can use some of these tips to help yourself as well.

  2. Love, love, love these! Most of the time our shoes are taken off at the door BUT I then have the problem that my children will happily play outside in barefeet! Food is usually eaten at the table or on the floor in the lounge but it is all one room anyway. The children are supposed to be in charge of their own rooms (yeah, like that ever happens).

    • I hear ya! But maybe that’s a nice thing in childhood to be able to play outside in your bare feet sometimes. I wish I could do that sometimes. I figure my home is clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy. That works for me, anyway. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Excellent post! I’m all for cutting down on time and effort spent cleaning the house. I’d rather be blogging or sewing! I keep my “outdoor” shoes by the door for going out in the yard with the dogs. I usually just wear slippers around the house. De-cluttering is probably the biggest task I need to keep working on! Thanks again for sharing.

    • Thank you. I’m so pleased that these tips are helping people. I think we all need more time to just relax and enjoy life without chasing around with the vacuum every minute.

    • Hmmmm. Did I just hear him volunteer to do all the floors in the house? After a couple of weeks of that, he might re-think his shoe policy – tee hee!

  4. Adrian it has always amazed me how many Americans wear their shoes in the house. We just don’t do that, and so many other countries don’t do it. My MIL used to ask if she didn’t walk anywhere but the hardwood could she please leave her shoes on. I would look at her and say NO, take then off I have to clean the hardwood as well.

    Trust me that whole grazing thing came as quiet a shock to both me and the Hubs, and one summer he posted on the fridge just when they could eat, and that eating was to be at the table. We ALWAY eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the table. I remember all those summers ago him calling me and saying ” I feel like I have been feeding the kids ALL day long” then it stopped….. There is NO FOOD allowed up stairs at all, unless you are sick and I bring it to you on a tray 🙂

    As for # 3, 4 ,5 done all of those and the Weiner doesn’t really give up very much hair. As for delegating, the kids have to make sure their rooms are picked up and ship shape before they leave for school, and they have to put away anything that belongs to them.

    Don’t freak but I am OCD so they don’t actually clean the house, I do and I do it daily….. I suffer from the OCD…. Occasionally I will go a day without cleaning it, but that is rare… 🙂


    • OCD is a tough thing and I don’t know if most people get that. A close friend of mine has fairly severe OCD and she really struggles with it. I really enjoy her company, but it’s a little hard to be friends with her because she’s so inflexible. I’m with you on the grazing thing – I think it’s a very dysfunctional eating pattern and it’s likely to turn kids into unhealthy eaters. There is a lady at church with her little granddaughter and she pops candy into her mouth for the whole service, just to keep her quiet. Whatever happened to just saying hush and making a child sit still? Hugs!

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