A Weird Way to Watch Movies for a Buck

Now, I’m not necessarily a “deal blogger”, but I definitely keep my eyes open and when I spot something that is a good deal for you, I always pass on the information to my readers.  This time I’ve found a way to massively cut costs on watching movies.  Nice, new-release movies and shows like The Martian, and Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Intern (which is ADORABLE, by the way) for just a buck.  Right in your own home, no running around trying to return DVD’s at midnight, just nice streaming video that you can watch on your TV, laptop, tablet, even your phone.

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And it’s cheaper than a lot of the other streaming services around.  It’s just one buck per night for regular video and two bucks per night for high def.  That, to me spells a good deal.

Even better, you have the option to clean up the movies – if you want and to the extent you want.  I didn’t think I would like this, I’m not really bothered by some bad language, a fight scene or a bit of sex in a movie, but I’ve noticed lately that Hollywood has gone way over the line in some cases and it’s getting kind of disgusting.  And some shows are just uncomfortable for me to watch, even if I’m watching them all by myself.  Game of Thrones for instance – great books, but the episodes are so overdone with sex and violence, I never got past the first season.  All four seasons are available on VidAngel with as much or as little filtering as you want.

I wanted to see how this works, so I decided to try it myself.  I’ve been dying to watch the Outlander series based on the Diana Gabaldon series.  So far, it’s only been on Starz and since I don’t have that channel, I couldn’t watch it.  The closest I got was watching part of an episode at a friend’s house.

So I was very excited to see that the whole first season is on VidAngel!  Really excited.  But then I remembered having to skip over whole sections of the book because of the gory torture scenes that go on.  And other stuff too.  So, I bought the first episode and I looked through the filtering options.  Sure enough, I was able to cut out the torture scenes completely.  I wondered how they were going to do that, and I was worried that it would be like a big annoying black box in the middle of the scene, but actually, it wasn’t intrusive at all.  They were tearing his shirt off to begin the whipping, and then they were taking him down from the post.  It looked quite seamless.  You do miss a bit of dialogue that goes on during the snipped out part, but that bothered me a lot less than having to sit through a session of torture.

So, I did say that VidAngel was kind of weird.  This is how it is weird.  In order to get around the legalities of letting you alter a movie, you can’t rent it.  You have to buy it, and apparently they have to charge the going rate for it.  So each movie is $20 bucks to start with.  But then as soon as the movie is over, they credit you back $19 bucks.  If you want to be done at that point, you can just withdraw the $19 and walk away, but if you want to keep going with another movie, they apply the $19 to the next movie and your card gets charged another buck.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  You can always withdraw your $19 deposit at any point, but so far, I’ve watched like 5 different movies and it’s cost me exactly $5 total.  You don’t even have to remember to log the show back in.  There’s a button you can click called “Automatic sell back” and as soon as you’ve finished watching, it automatically buys the show back and applies the $19 back to your account for the next time.

The other way it’s a little weird is that you do have to specify at least one filter.  But if it’s a movie or a show that you feel doesn’t need filtering, you can pick something unobtrusive, like something in the credits.  I decided to watch Pixar’s short mini movies, for instance, since VidAngel does have some cartoons and other family-oriented stuff on there, like Inside Out, Cinderella, etc.  So, I just chose one little filter to skip about three seconds of the credits – blip.  You could filter out scary stuff in cartoons that your kids don’t like and just keep the good stuff.

VidAngel - a weird way to watch movies for just $1

Otherwise, it’s just like any streaming video service.  I watch mine on my Chromecast and I even showed my best friend how to set up her Chromecast and watch from it.  She had gotten one from her sons for Christmas.  Any way you can watch streaming movies from an Internet connection seems to work.  And me, I’m in 7th heaven to be able to watch my Outlander series – I’ve watched 3 episodes so far!

Check it out – it’s definitely a little unusual, but I think you’ll like it.

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