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Now that most of the holiday is behind us, it’s time to start gearing up and dusting off our motivation to start off our New Year’s just right.  Even if you aren’t the resolution type, it is always a perfect time to look at ways you can start working off some of those excess holiday pounds and getting 2016 started off on the first foot.

While this isn’t a weight loss blog – and it really couldn’t be, since I’ve been making a lot more progress on gaining weight than losing any (sigh), I DO have a lot of posts that deal with motivation.  Motivation to eat better – even if you don’t necessarily “diet”, exercise a bit more, manage your money, and even a bit of motivation to declutter your house and manage your time a bit better.

If you’d like to share your New Year’s challenges or resolutions in the comments, I’d love to hear them.  They probably mirror mine – drop at least a few of those extra pounds, get some bills paid off (though I did have an all-cash Christmas – yay!), and get this house whipped into shape.  And maybe, just maybe, get to bed before 12:30-1:00 at night – sheesh!

So over the next week or two, I’m going to be dusting off some of my favorite motivational posts to share with you.  I hope they help you get yourself into shape and maybe they’ll help me get into the right mind-set too!  So, look for the first post bright and early tomorrow morning.

Happy New Year!

Announcing my New Year's Movitational Post series.  Come check it out.

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