The Real Spirit of the Holidays

I’ll be honest, while I like a good deal as much as the next gal, the whole “Black Friday” craziness makes me faintly sick to my stomach.  So, here’s a little antidote to all the overshopping madness.  I hope it gets your holiday season off to a great start!  Here’s an adorable Christmas puppy just for you just to get you in the right mood.

The Real Spirit of the Holidays

This is a post that I thought really embodies the true spirit of the holidays. It’s from Rhonda Britten, star of one of my favorite shows “Starting Over” and a wonderful author of a series of Fearless Living books.

How to Get Back to the Real Spirit of the Holidays…

– Spend time with someone you love.
– Forgive a person that has hurt you.
– Remember your innocence.
– Help another in need.
– Count your blessings.
– Say a prayer when actions won’t help.
– Say you’re sorry.
– Be patient with sales clerks, slow lines and other frustrated customers.
– Make kindness a priority.
– Give a gift for no other reason than to make another smile.
– Wear something out of the ordinary that makes you feel magical and amazing.
– Write a letter to a long lost friend.
– Plant a tree.
– Clean out your closets and give the extras away to a homeless shelter.
– Tithe more than you intended to your local charity.
– Have faith in others.
– Keep a promise.
– Nurture yourself.
– Smile.
– Throw a party for all the people that have supported you over the years as your way of saying “Thank you.”
– Feed the hungry.
– Dance.
– Laugh more than you think you should at jokes that aren’t usually funny.
– Make someone feel special.
– Kiss under the mistletoe.
– Take a photo with Santa.
– Light a candle to remind yourself of the light you are to the world.
– Write a list or make a photo collage of your dreams, desires and aspirations for next year.
– Be willing to be awed and inspired.
– Decide to believe in yourself.
– Know that anything is possible.
– Sing at the top of your lungs.
– Relish each moment of life.
– Wish everyone you meet Happy Holidays and mean it.
– Be delighted.

May you know the blessings of the season. I send you love, miracles, and abundance….Happiest of Fearless Holidays!

Here is to a Fearless Holiday Season!
Rhonda Britten

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