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I don’t know why I haven’t thought to share this before – if you know me in real life, I am all about the fancy nail designs.  I am fortunate to have ridiculously strong nails that just grow like mad, so I figure I owe it to woman-kind to get some manner of enjoyment out of them.  So, I do all kinds of fun stuff with my nails – stripes, polka dots, plaids, funky colors, holiday themes, you name it.  I just find pictures I like on Pinterest and take them into my local nail salon and they try to duplicate the designs.





Fun and Funky Holiday Nail Designs - Check out some of the crazy things I do with my nails.

These are some of the designs I use for reference and a couple of the ones I’ve tried already.  The penguin one I save for January – I figure if my fingers are going to be blue, my nails should be too.  The diagonal one at the bottom is the one I just got today – the picture is bad, but it’s a gorgeous rich cranberry with hints of gold and white.  I’ve done this same design in two or three different color combos.  It’s amazingly versatile.

The great cosmic joke is that natural nails like these are hereditary – my mother and sister have them also.  However, what do I have?  Three BOYS – but they have beautiful nails….   I’m hoping my granddaughters will at least stand a chance to inherit them.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these fun nail designs.  It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit.  Here are some links for some nail supplies on Amazon.

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