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Pet Peeve #5 – Cheaty Cheaters.

One of the things we really enjoy on a cruise are all the silly games they play – particularly the trivia games.  The grand prize for these games is a plastic model of a ship and we very proudly have two of them on our mantle.  We won them fair and square because we have a ridiculously good memory for obscure facts and we always enjoyed the playing the games whether we won or lost.

However, there is a certain brand of greedy folks who figure if something is free and other people want it, they are going to make sure that they get as many of them as they can.  That is so incredibly obnoxious.  Most of these games are self-scored, and it’s just for fun, so they don’t exactly check to see if people are cheating, but on every cruise, there is that one family that just cheats outrageously so they can win a bunch of prizes and it just spoils the whole game for everyone.

They may win the prize, but they certainly lose the respect of all the other passengers trying to enjoy the game.  Play fair – don’t like be the Cheaty Cheaters!

Pet Peeve #6 – Augustus Gloot!.  And speaking of greedy – don’t go overboard (so to speak) on the food.  The whole ship is stocked with PLENTY of food – they are not going to run out.  Enjoying the great food is part of the fun of a cruise, but don’t be disgusting about it.

You know, those people at the buffet who are trying to “get their money’s worth” by piling their plates with everything but the ship’s anchor!  I don’t envy them the stomach aches or the pounds they are going to put on by the end of the cruise.  What a waste – er, waist!

So, that’s it.  Those are my pet peeves in my cruise mates.  If you’ve been on a cruise, what are some of yours?

I have LOTS of great cruise posts – if you’re considering one, you might want to check them out.

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18 Comments on 6 Things NOT to Do on a Cruise

    • That is SO true and they work so hard. I would notice our server working the 7 AM breakfast shift and then she would still be working at the end of the late dinner shift at 10 at night. That’s a looong day, but she was always cheerful and friendly.

  1. I’ve never been on a cruise but just this evening I was speaking to some friends who are off on one next weekend. I’ll let them know your tips, I’m sure they will be grateful!

    • You should totally go. They are really SO much fun and not all that expensive. You’d be surprised. We aren’t very adventurous, but we’ve gotten to do some very cool stuff on our cruises. Really great memories.

  2. It wasn’t the passengers we had issue with, but the cruise itself. None of the night time stuff, like the dances, started until 10 pm, even when we were expected to be at a port at like 6 am the next day. Why would you start the entertainment that late? I was looking forward to dancing, but not if I had to wait until 10 pm! I swear we picked the most boring cruise ship. There were no games or really much of anything coordinated by the cruise ship. And this was an Alaskan cruise, so it’s not as if you could spend your downtime lounging by the (outdoor) pool.

    • That’s a shame. Next time go Caribbean or Mexico. Someone made a joke that the age on the Alaska cruises is between 80 and dead, and I think they’re about right. That’s why I’ve never wanted to take one. If I’m going on vacation, I’m going someplace WARM! Don’t give up on cruising. I’ve been on four of them now and everyone one of them has been a complete blast. Maybe you just got a bad one.

  3. We went on a cruise recently, and I requested a table for two. I love the idea of meeting people, but on our first cruise (in 1992) there was a couple who were obviously having an affair. It’s funny looking back, but at the table, it uncomfortable! Ew! So we avoided that. Sometimes, I got jealous of all the nice people at the next table.

    • Ewwww, that would be a little awkward. I’m a sociable person, so I always ask them to seat me at the biggest table. It’s kind of fun because you get to meet a bunch of different people at breakfast and lunch. We met the most hilarious couple on the last cruise and we became fast friends with them.

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