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You know that I am always looking for new ways to help you guys save money.  And I love my electronic gadgets just as much as the next person.  We covered a lot of that in my article Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction that was the featured blogger tip over the The SITS Girls last week.

I do love my gadgets, but I am not necessarily a “shiny new toy” kind of person.  Much as I adore my iPhone, you won’t find me standing in line (ever!) for the latest and greatest model.  That is the way to spend the absolute highest amount of money you possibly can for your electronics.  Instead, I’ve found a way to outsmart the system and get great technology for a much lower price.

Discliamer:  This post contains affiliate links and I will receive a small commission for any purchases you make through my links.  Yay me!  That is how I am able to keep this site running.  However, my opinions, as always are unique and my own.  


3 Tips to Save Money on Your Electronics @AdriansCrazyLife The Smarter Way to Buy a Smart Phone

So, when the “shiny new toy” crowd lines up for the new iPhone 6 or whatever the hot new goody is, they have to figure out something to do with their existing items, which are usually in perfectly fine shape.  That’s where Gazelle comes in.  They buy the used electronics, inspect them and tidy them up, repackage them and then pass them onto us at a considerable discount!

So, Tip #1 is to BUY your technology from Gazelle.  Here are some deals they are offering right now on:

Certified pre-owned iPhone 6’s
Shop Samsung Galaxy Phones at Gazelle
Certified pre-owned iPad Mini

Everything has been through their 30 point inspection and is guaranteed for 30 days against mechanical defects.

Tip #2 is to SELL your own used technology to Gazelle.  Who doesn’t have a drawer full of old cell phones and other gadgets that are no longer wanted?  Why let them gather dust when you can make a bit of money off them?  Here are some of their offers on used technology:

Sell your old MacBook and earn cash with Gazelle Trade-in
Sell your phones and electronics for cash with Gazelle Trade-In

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Just for giggles, I put in for a quote on my son’s old MacBook Air.  Even though more than 5 years old and it’s not in prime shape – the battery unit has warped and needs replacing, I got a quote of $257 on it!  I probably would struggle to get much of anything for it on Craigslist with the battery issue.

Tip #3 is to WIN a certified pre-owned phone from Gazelle.  They are offering a contest right now through their Facebook page. Gazelle’s Stop the Spread of Unprotected Text Facebook Campaign  If you’ll share your sad story of cracked screens and broken technology, you’ll be entered to win a certified pre-owned device of your choice.  That’s pretty sweet!

Right now I have a pre-owned iPhone 5s that I bought from my niece’s boss.  It worked out well because I had someone who knew them and could vouch for them being honest and careful people who had taken great care of it.  It came with the charger, the original box and instructions, a high-tech case, and a glorious 32 gig of space – up from the 8 gig on my old iPhone 4 (angels singing!).  I paid $200 cash for it and handed down the iPhone 4 to my oldest son, who badly needed a replacement phone.  The battery life is a little short, but otherwise, I’m delighted with it.  And it’s certainly less than I would have paid for the exact same device through my carrier, but not everyone has a niece with a boss with a nice used phone to sell.  That’s why it’s great that Gazelle is the best option for everyone else.

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4 Comments on 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Electronics

  1. Wow. Thanks for the information. I’ve been wanting a new computer but have a decent one right now. Maybe I will reach out to Gazelle and look to sell it.

    • You sounds like my daughter-in-law. She still had a flip phone until a couple of months ago. Not me, I do LOVE my technology. But it’s got to be a good deal too. My jaw drops when I see what some people pay for their phones and iPads.

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