Have you ever had professional headshots done by an photographer?  How ’bout business cards – do you have some?  You should – especially if you are a blogger.  But even if you aren’t a blogger, I think it’s a very smart thing to do.  It’s just a great way to present yourself to the world.

When I went to get my headshots done, I have to admit, I felt a little silly and a bit vain, but I have to say, I am SO glad I did it.  I have used those puppies a ton!  And not just in relation to my blog – I use them at work, in my personal social media, for church newsletters, just about everything you can think of.  Any time someone needs a photo of me, I have a clear and professional-looking pose to give them.

Headshots and Business Cards - Oh My. #AdriansCrazyLife I think EVERYONE should have some headshots done! It's just a great way to present yourself in a professional manner.

It’s almost like having my own little business card.  Well, I actually DO have business cards, but it’s like an electronic business card.  Which reminds me, I should think about adding my headshot TO my business card!  I do ADORE my business cards – they are turquoise and zebra print to match my blog.  If you’ve been to a blog conference in the last 5 years, you’ve probably gotten one from me!

Headshots and business cards - Oh My. #AdriansCrazyLife I think everyone should have professional headshots done and here's why.  It just makes you look more professional in every setting.

A note about my business cards – like me, they are quite unique.  You want a design that represents your personality and I’m kind of flashy and sassy, so my business cards really represent that.  But you know what they don’t say?  A lot of personal information.  Most people automatically put their full name, address, and phone number on their business card.  I don’t do that.  For one thing, I may hand these out to 50 people at a blog conference, and I’ve known most of them for less than 5 minutes.  There is enough information on there for them to contact me (and I can always write my cell on the back if I want to), but not enough for them to stalk me if they turn out to be a nutball.  That sounds a little mean, but I think it’s pretty smart.  In the social media world, you need to be just a tiny bit cautious.

Now maybe you are thinking you don’t need a business card.  I don’t know if that is true.  Way back when, they used to be pretty expensive and a hassle to get, but now there are sites like Vistaprint where you can get them almost for free.  Even if you are “just a Mom”, it’s kind of cool to be able to give a card to a new friend.

When one of my nieces was about 11 and starting to babysit, I gave her a set of her own business cards as a birthday gift.  She was thrilled and gave them out to everyone she knew, and it got her some great babysitting jobs.  I had business cards made up for my Scout Troop and I carry them everywhere I go.  Whenever I find a likely boy that is the right age for our Scout Troop, I can give that card to him to give to his parents.  It has the Scoutmaster’s info on it, the times and place we meet, and a little background about our Troop.  It’s just a great tool to have and if you are a blogger, it is an absolute MUST.

But back to headshots.  Surprisingly, they were not terribly difficult or expensive to get.  My friend Ashlee from Ashlee Marie has a sister Chelsea Peterson who is a professional photographer.  Every couple of months, she offers a deal to a group of local bloggers – a 15 minute photoshoot for $35.  Then she meets us at some cool location around town and we take turns getting our shots done.  Eeeasy peesey!

And I think she does a terrific job, don’t you?  Keep in mind, I do NOT photograph well.  Neither did my mother, but as an actress (she and my Dad and I were extras in several movies and she had a few bit parts here and there) she had some professional shots done in her later years, and those are some of my favorite photos of her.

Now, let’s clarify what a headshot is.  It isn’t one of those glamour shots that were so popular back in the 80’s.  Those were pretty cool at the time, but they were prone to piling on so much makeup and hairspray that you just didn’t look anything like yourself!  A headshot should definitely look like YOU – just you on a day when you are really well rested and looking your best.

That’s why you need a good photographer – they know all the tricks to get the lighting just right, minimize any double chins, or muffin tops, put you in front of a background that is not going to be distracting, and then they can crop and edit the finished shots into something that looks great.  Hopefully, they will give you some good tips on clothing and makeup.  Pay attention to what they say.  You don’t want something too busy or distracting, and you want just enough makeup that you look natural, but pretty.

I’m interested – do you have headshots or a business card?  What do you think about getting some?

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31 Comments on Headshots and Business Cards, Oh My!

  1. I think headshots are a great idea! Yours are great, by the way. I haven’t gotten business cards for my blog yet, but I think it’s time. Happy Saturday Sharefest!

    • Thanks so much. Business cards are definitely a great idea. I’m almost to the end of my 2nd box, so that’s nearly 1,000 of these little buggers I’ve handed out. I think it always raises people’s opinion of you a notch when you reach into your purse and pull out a business card, especially if it’s cool and matches your blog colors!

  2. Great article Adrian! Love your headshots.

    If you decide to put one on your business card, you could use the B&W shot that is the top left corner of the ones above – you could try replacing your zebra print on the card with the photo and then replace the bottom right corner of turquoise with a little zebra print. That photo composition lends itself well to that spot on your card.

    That way you could still have a nice size photo and a little peek of zebra. Plus, the B&W photo wouldn’t compete with the turquoise! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Meg! I am a flashy, fun, sassy person and I wanted my design and headshots to reflect that and I think they got it just right. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’m so glad I found you over at Saturday Sharefest! I love your site and I am trying to figure all this stuff out. I had some shots done a little over a year ago, but I just am not crazy about them. I don’t think they really captured the fun casual me. Your post just motivated me to try again! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog. Yes, I am always surprised at the photos I see on some blog sites. And I’ll tell you, getting the right photo is just like “magic”. I think that’s why I use these shots so much – they are the first ones of me that have come out looking really nice and I want people to see them! Good luck on your photo shoot.

  4. Oh my Adrian, I love this. You would think owning our own studio that I would have done this. Nope, but this summer I want to pop down to Chicago and pick a few locations and do this….

    Thanks for the inspiration and the reminder to do this… 🙂

  5. Gotta have both! I love the idea of giving business cards as a gift to a young person. My daughter is thinking of starting up a piano studio — I think I might get her some cards! I’d like to have a headshot photographer come to our NAPO meeting and offer to take photos….

    • Those are both great ideas! I think headshots and business cards are both ways to present yourself in a very professional and efficient manner. It’s all about the smoke and mirrors sometimes. I used to wear my reading glasses to job interviews (haven’t had one in 25 years!) because I felt it made me look smarter. Did it help me get the job, who knows? But I think it helped me FEEL smarter so I probably performed better in the interview. Thanks for stopping by, you are a loyal friend.

  6. Your pix turned out great! I agree, having a business card as well as your pictures professionally taken are a must have -especially in the world of bloggers. Great idea about the ones for babysitting – going to have to get some of those made up for my oldest daughter. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    • Yes, I think that makes a wonderful gift. Maybe I’ll do a post about personalized gift ideas like that.

  7. Such great pictures and I love what you did with your did with your business cards. I took my mom’s picture for her website and she hated it, but it turned out so good. I don’t like my picture taken either, but I know how important it is for business. I’ll definitely have to save this for later so I can get inspiration from your cards!

    • Thanks so much. I love that all the business cards I get at a conference are always so unique. Keep your eye out on the Utah Bloggers board – every so often Chelsea puts out an offer for mini headshot sessions.

  8. Nice head shot! I just recently had some done since I’m part of a blog team in my city. I’m glad I did since they look more professional than the old one I was using before which were just taken in my house. I still haven’t made business cards for my blog but I plan to do so this week so I’m happy I read your post. Pinned, thanks!

  9. Yes, I have headshots and business cards. I think it’s really important to have your picture on the card so people will feel connected to you.

    • I think that’s so true. In fact, I’ve got one of yours hanging around here somewhere. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Thanks so much Sydney! I do *LOVE* my business cards. I’m kind of flashy and unique and they suit me so perfectly. There are tons of photographers around who will do them for a pretty reasonable price.

  10. Those are great Adrian! I had a friend do a headshot for me that I’ve been using and I’m pretty happy with it, but I’d like to get a new set done sometime soon. I agree it’s so helpful for having all your media channels and “face of the brand” match and look professional!

    • I highly recommend it. I’m always surprised at what a great reaction I get from people and it’s nice to have a picture I don’t have to be embarrassed about sharing!

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