Disney’s Frozen Princess Elsa Braid Tutorial

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The finished braid will be about 4-1/2 feet long.  Now, you just need to measure it to see how much to allow for the headpiece.  This was a bit of a problem as my granddaughter lives in California and was unavailable for consultation.  Fortunately, our neighbors have an adorable little girl who is just about the same age, so I popped over to “borrow” her for a fitting.  (Of course, she liked it so much, I felt like I needed to make a second Elsa braid just for her – she was thrilled with it!)

Fitting of Elsa Braid

The final step was to just tie a bit of silver ribbon at the back of the head.  I left about 6 inches of the silver ribbon dangling down her back just to be fun.  Then the final step was to just put on the snowflakes.  The foam stickers I bought were self-adhesive but I was on the fence about hot gluing them to make sure they would stay on, but they seemed to hold securely to the yarn.  I alternated them around a bit to make it pretty and to satisfy my OCD leanings…  I figure with a six year old, you can’t have too much glitter, sparkle, or bling!  


Finished Braid


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I decided to make an Elsa braid for my granddaughter for Halloween. It was soooo easy to make and this movie is just crazy-popular with little girls.

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  1. Okay, that little neighbor girl is absolutely ADORABLE! What a simple costume idea. I love how you always give very specific tutorials, so anybody could do it:)

  2. So awesome. My daughter would love this!


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