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I LOVE being a Blogger!  I’ve been dying to go and see our new Loveland Aquarium that just opened a couple of months ago, so I was certainly pleased when I received an invitation from Mom It Forward to bring my family to an Animal Jam blogger event at the Aquarium.

This event was sponsored by National Geographic’s Animal Jam and it was really wonderful.  They had Dr. Brady Barr come and speak to us.  He’s a herpetologist who has hosted any number of National Geographic shows and specials.  He’s even been on Jay Leno.  Talk about a fascinating and brilliant guy!

He showed us clips from some of his shows with rhinos, snakes, and a variety of crocodiles and alligators from all over the world.  Very cool.  Dr. Brady even had some great gadgets to demonstrate.  He brought a bite force measurement tool and a doppler radar that showed the speed of a snake striking.  Blake got the bite force rating out of everyone he tested.

Blake is terrified of snakes so he had to watch this segment from across the room.  It was really freaking him out.  Not me, I thought it was COOL.

Philip, our Northern Irish boy, seemed a little freaked out too.  My husband and I used to own snakes so we weren’t particularly bothered by it.

This was part of our Family Free weekend with the Ulster Project where we were able to plan a few activities with our own family.  I decided to do a little bit of something for everybody.  My husband got to pick an overnight camping trip.  Philip loves biking, so he got to do a bit of mountain biking in our gorgeous mountains.  Blake likes nerdy stuff so he got to go do some gaming with friends.  The trip to the Aquarium with my blogging friends was my special activity, but I think everyone enjoyed it.

Aquarium Tour

A lot of people have the perception that aquariums and museums and things are just for the little kids.  But as the parent of teens, I can tell you that the bigger kids enjoy these types of things almost as much!  This is the walk-through shark tank.  Wish I’d gotten a bigger picture – it was very cool!

Look at all the pretty fish!  I’m just goofy when I see stuff like this, I really LOVE IT.  On our cruise, we got to see some absolutely gorgeous floor-to-ceiling aquariums in Atlantis.

This was one of the petting areas for the stingrays.  How cool is that???  I couldn’t get the boys to try it but I enjoyed them thoroughly.  They feel a little slimy, but kind of cool.

Look, we’ve been eaten by an enormous shark!

Phil looks pretty impressed by the hissing Madagascar Roaches.  I thought they were pretty gross myself, but you know boys, they like creepy stuff!

What an enjoyable day at the Loveland Aquarium for my family – all thanks to Mom It Forward and Animal Jam.

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