Life Hack – Manage Your Shopping Emails

Do you know when you buy stuff these days, they no longer ask for your phone number.  Instead, they’ve started asking for your Email address.  Gotta love marketing.  If they can’t get to you one way, they’ll find another.  
However, keep in mind that you have a choice.  My standard answer to either question is to very pleasantly say “I’m sorry, I don’t give that out”.  It usually catches them by surprise and they blink for a moment, but then they just say OK and complete the transaction.  
However, there ARE benefits to getting on that list – it does give you access to a lot of special offers and online-only coupons.  The downside to this is that you have a constant stream of temptation showing up in your inbox every day – LOTS of temptation.  Those little suckers are pretty prolific.  I probably get 20 or more of them a day. 
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I buy online a lot, so just about everyone in town has MY Email address plus I do a lot of Groupon deals, etc.  However, I have a little scheme that allows me to reap the benefit of having all those sales and coupons on hand without having to struggle with that daily temptation.  I let my Email take care of it for me.
There are two ways you can do this.  First, you can set up a specific Email address that you only use for shopping. Something like  Then you only check it when you’re ready to go shopping.  Or to simplify things, you can use your regular Email and just redirect the messages to a specific folder.  That’s what I do.  

I’m not sure how it works in every type of Email, but in Gmail, it’s really easy to set up.  Every time I get Email from a new company, I select “Filter Messages like These” and set it to go to my Shopping folder and click “Skip the Inbox”.  
Then I just look in my Shopping folder every week or so.  I delete everything over a month old because most of the specials are over by then.  It’s like my own private little piggy bank, but the difference is, I have a little jingle in the piggy bank because I’m not constantly tempted to buy things I don’t really need. 
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  1. Michelle Nahom says:

    I need to do something like this. I usually give out an email that I am planning on getting rid of, but once it’s gone, I will need another option. But the reason why I am getting rid of it is because I get so much spam on there.

  2. Kimberly H. Smith says:

    Always looking for ways to filter and organize my 6 e-mail addresses! Thanks Adrian.

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