2nd Annual Bloggers Night Out at Gardner Village

Last year, I attended the 1st Annual Blogger’s Night Out presented by My Craft Channel and Gardner Village.  I had a wonderful time, so I was definitely on the lookout for the announcement of this year’s event.  

If you’ve ever wondered what our blogger nights out are all about, check out this video.  It’s such a treat to have a night out with the girls, conversations with great bloggers, a little shopping and looking around at all the pretty sparkly stuff (I ended up with crystal skull earrings and a matching bracelet), and of course, the excitement of some fun freebies and winning prizes, plus the treats were delicious! The orange rolls at the Naborhood Bakery are my absolute favorite. 
This year, we had a special guest – the marvelous puzzle artist Eric Dowdle who had created a puzzle especially for Gardner Village, appropriately titled Witchfest.  A signed copy of the puzzle was one of the fun things in our swag bag.  He spoke to us and showed us a little video of some of his experiences in creating his brand and building up his business.  
Eric Dowdle

I had a special sneaky reason for wanting to attend this event. As I’ve mentioned, my son and his girlfriend are planning their wedding. And one of the places they are looking at for the reception is the Gathering Place at Gardner Village. Which just happened to be the site of our little party. So, I spoke to the staff and they gave me a little tour and answered some questions for me.  It’s a lovely spot for a reception and the catering was wonderful. It’s a definite MAYBE…  We’ll see where we end up next June.  

Look at this gorgeous Halloween inspired
decor I found at the Down to Earth shop
The Fabulous Lucinda is always the belle of
the ball at these Gardner’s Village events
My cute friend Carly wanted her picture taken with the cute baby pony
Jill from MomItForward is always my best buddy
at these things.  We have so much fun together!
We had to have a group shot at the Storybook Nook.
Everyone was having such a fun evening.
Notice all the lovely costumes everyone was wearing?  Oh wait.  Have you ever been to a costume party where no one wore a costume?  Yep, that was me – in my full witches costume complete with witchy shoes, striped stockings and my gorgeous pointy witches hat.  Oh well!  I wish I’d gotten a picture, but I was too busy having fun with all my non-costumed friends…
Can’t wait until next year!  

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