My 5 BEST Tips for Weight Loss

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3.  Use your tools!

The big difference with the most recent version of Weight Watchers is that they practically force you to sign up for their Monthly Pass.  I mean, they don’t FORCE you, but they skew the pricing heavily in favor of it.  The good part is that it comes with some online tools that have made a huge difference for me.  They have a tracking app with automatic look-up, plus a bar code scanner for brand name foods.  That makes it so much easier for me to track my foods and makes it almost impossible to cheat.

I never stuck with the paper planners for more than a few weeks.  I was always cheating a little by skewing low on my points for foods.  Now I know exactly how many points I am eating in a day – BIG difference.

I have also employed a couple of other apps that I’ve found helpful.  There’s an app that I use daily to chart my weight.  I use an app called Pomodoro to give me hourly reminders to get up and move.  That’s really helpful in a sedentary job like mine.  I will make extra trips to the mail room, choose restrooms on different floors.  Or just take an extra stroll around the floor.  It’s not a lot of movement, but it helps.

I’ve also picked up a new app just this weekend called MindBloom.  It has reminders for little things like exercising, or reading, or whatever you choose and they are accompanied by gorgeous photography and music to create a little one minute inspirational “Bloom”.  And it is tied to a visual in the shape of a tree.  Each leaf represents a different area of your life – relationships, health, finances, lifestyle, and as you do different Blooms, it grows your leaves.

4.  Give up the darn soda!

I have to admit, this one was hard for me.  My husband is a hard-core soda drinker and my kids will drink as much of it as they can get their hands on.  Even though I wasn’t as bad about it as some of my soda-addicted friends, I did enjoy a Sprite or a Fresca with lunch and sometimes with dinner.  But I had an eye opener.  One of the ladies at church is a pharmacist and she told me that she has seen over and over again a link between soda drinkers and Type II Diabetes.  And you’ve got to figure that all these delicious sodas are made from nothing but mysterious chemicals – nothing that nature ever intended for us to consume plus something like 17 teaspoons of sugar.  That’s just GOT to be bad for you, no matter how good it tastes!

I haven’t managed to give it up 100% of the time (I had a small 7-Up yesterday and it tasted SO good), but I’ve got it down to maybe one soda every two weeks or so – small changes add up to big improvements.

So I made the switch to water, tea, and lemonade for my beverages of choice.  It wasn’t easy because I don’t really like those things, but I just made it a non-negotiable option.  I didn’t keep any soda in the house – much to the sorrow of my family, and I made it a point to stop ordering combo meals at fast food places, since sodas are usually bundled into them.  A bonus side-effect was that it gave me a nice cost savings – just ordering just the sandwich and a cup of water is about 30% less than getting a combo meal.  And I wasn’t tempted to eat the french fries either!

Side note:  I bought a water bottle called a Citrifuse.  It has a little chamber in it where you can put cut up fruit, herbs, tea bags, or whatever you like to flavor your water.  It gives you some nice variety.  But I still hate the darn water!

Tip #5 – The dreaded E-word: Exercise.

I’ve struggled a lot with this one and it has slowed my weight loss accordingly.  Like a lot of folks, I detest exercise with every fiber of my being.  And I detest sweating, but I have found some simple ways to add in at least a little exercise to my week.  As I mentioned, there is my office exercise routine, but I’ve also been trying to come home early to walk around the block with my husband.  We aren’t going to be doing any marathons or even a 5K, but it helps.

Also, surprisingly I’ve been doing a Zumba class with a friend for about the last six months or so.  Even though I am pretty heavy and quite a bit older than most of the ladies in the class, I can get through a whole 90-minute Zumba class without stopping once.  That’s a nice feeling.  And it really helps to have my friend text me and ask if I am going on a particular day.

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  1. Joi @ Rx Fitness Lady says:

    Love your tips! These are always a good share for a SITS feature. So many are on a weight loss journey. Great reinforcement! Now, exercise isn’t dreaded is it 🙂

  2. Great tips! I am impressed that you can see the big picture and you are okay with taking it slowly. I’ve worked with people trying to lose weight for years. The biggest obstacle I see is everyone wants instant results. They want to wake up tomorrow with 20 less pounds on them. They bite off more than they can chew with their nutrition and workout goals and end up giving up when it doesn’t provide immediate results. Good job! If you need more motivation check me out at I blog about nutrition and fitness but place an emphasis on NOT starving and trying to be “skinny” but instead eating a balanced and fresh diet, working out, and loving your body.
    Happy SITS day!

  3. NotThatKindofGirl says:

    Great post! Isn’t it amazing how it’s the simple things that work, but we are always so tempted by the easier, more dangerous alternatives? Great post! xoxo

  4. Adrian, I love item 1. I’ve been guilty of the sweeping statements that can never be lived up to. Incremental changes have made the difference, as well as offering myself enough grace so that if I fall back into old behaviors, I recognize it and make the necessary adjustments.

  5. noudles04 says:

    Love number 4! I’m pretty good at home and work – it’s going out. Passing up a fountain soda is SO HARD. Great advise.

    Happy SITS Day!

  6. says:

    Thanks for the inspiration! I need to start my own weight loss journey. I am definitely going to check out the mind bloom app.

  7. Vicki M. Taylor says:

    Great tips. I’m in the process of a weight loss program now due to weight increase from hypothyroidism. Getting the weight off is hard. I’ve done the same as you mentioned. Make small changes a little a time. Now, instead of a sandwich and chips for lunch I have a delicious healthy smoothie. I walk as much as I can. That’s the exercise I can tolerate the best. Followed you from SITS. Have a blessed day!

  8. Dana Hemelt says:

    Great tips! I don’t love exercising, but I make it part of my routine and I feel better when I do it. I also like the idea of focusing on a few specific behaviors and changing them – it makes the process less daunting.

  9. Nicole Nenninger says:

    Great suggestions! I love how you based your observations on books you’ve read–of which are grounded in research. When I was overweight, I decided that instead of looking at it like a diet and I had to lose weight, I would choose instead to be healthier. I’d make healthy choices about eating, exercising, and living my life. I started with a cleanse, then began subtracting things from my diet that could have an impact on my weight–like alcohol, sugary drinks, even wheat and dairy. Then, I began exercising 5 days a week, but on a couple of those days I really got my heart rate up. I am a big fan of intensity training–that’s made a huge difference in my running, my metabolism, and my weight. Thanks for a great post!

  10. Honeybee GB says:

    I love the tips. I can handle the soda thing but I have difficult time to be consistent with exercise routine.

  11. Allie Burdick says:

    As a personal trainer for over a decade, I was eager to read this post. I have to say that you have everything RIGHT! The soda is just a no brainer but having a support system and making small changes are definitely the keys to success!! Kudos to you for doing your homework…and for the 90 min Zumba class! Not too shabby!!

  12. a happier girl says:

    Great tips! Giving up soda is good for the soul if you ask me. It cuts a lot of calories out of your life. But it also proves to yourself that you can control your behavior and make healthy decisions.

  13. trininista says:

    The exercise does not have to be hard core but you seem to have already found your happy medium with the walks and the zumba. Good luck. Visiting from SITS.

  14. Cassandra Schmigotzki says:

    1. Yes, you have to focus on some small stuff and work your way through everything. I started off with the water and portion control through Weight Watchers. Just under 2 months later I started exercising. I started with a light program and will slowly make my way to more advanced routines.

    2. Your blog (and reading other’s blogs) is also a part of your support system.

    3. I love the eTools so I can keep track of everything no matter where I am!

    4. Soda was so much easier to give up than I thought.

  15. I am impressed – 90 minutes of Zumba without stopping! I don’t think I could go 15 minutes without stopping.

    You had some really good tips.

    BTW, I love Malcolm Gladwell.

  16. misssrobin says:

    I love the tips, but those last two are sure tough. Thanks for the nudge.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  17. Jean says:

    I really appreciate the realistic approach of your tips. I am admittedly bad about saying well, I’m just going to not eat sugar anymore and then, that lasts oh what, maybe two hours. I will have to check into some of those books you mention as well. Nonfiction is my favorite!

  18. Great tips! I’m trying to lose about 20-25 pounds. I lose it but keep gaining it back… Fun ways to exercise seem to be the key for me. I love to play ping pong, or tennis(which I haven’t done in a while), etc. My sister, who is 62 and looks 42, does Zumba several times a week and loves it.


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