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As you know by now, I am a big fan of Shot@Life.  This is a charity that is working hard to save children’s lives and I enjoy helping them out.  It’s really rewarding when you think about the impact each donation can have – even $5 provides one life-saving vaccination for a child in a third world country and $20 protects them for life against such killer diseases as polio, measles, pneumonia, and rotavirus. A child dies from these diseases every 20 seconds, so that seems like a very worthwile goal.  

I was thinking about Mother’s Day and what I could do for a Mother’s Day fundraiser to help my charity.  Well, Mother’s Day is always kind of a tough day for me.  My Mother and mother-in-law are gone now as are all of my grandparents and most of my aunts.  So, my tradition is to take the money I would have spent on a gift for my Mom (and my Dad on Father’s Day) and give it to a charity she would have liked.  It’s something that would have pleased her and a nice way to honor her memory.  

I know a lot of other people have lost some really wonderful women in their lives as well, so I thought I would offer my readers an opportunity to do the same.  I call this the Motherless Daughters project.  

I would love it if you would donate in honor of your loved one, but I would also love to hear your story about them.  What was wonderful about them, how did they support you, why would they be pleased with your decision to donate?  If you will leave a comment about your loved one, whether you choose to donate or not, I will send that comment to the people on the Shot@Life blog and they will be publishing some of them on their site.  

Here is the link for the donation site for our Utah Shot@Life Champions if you’d like to donate by credit card (you can put your loved one’s name in the donation slot to show up on our donors list).  Or if you’d prefer to write a check, you can mail it directly to the UN Foundation at the following address:

UN Foundation
Attn: Finance and Shot@Life
1800 Massachusetts Ave, NW, STE 400
Washington, DC  20036

If you put Utah Shot@Life Champions on the memo line, they will credit the donation to our total.

In the meantime, I hope you will have a wonderful Mother’s Day complete with lots of chocolate and a fun day with the people you love!

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  1. What a wonderful idea — I wish you much success! Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Hope you get a chance to do the same!

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