The Cat-lympics – A fun Olympic Event for Cats

Naturally, with all the Olympic excitement going on around here, our four footed friends decided that they needed to get in on the act. So they came up with their own kitty-cat versions of Olympic events, also known as the Cat-lympics.

Without further ado, we present the Cat-lympics


The Synchronized chair-climbing event

As part of the Cat-lympics Opening Ceremonies – we present our star athletes performing the world-famous Synchronized Chair-Climbing event.  Just look at their grace and elegance in this event.  They must have been practicing for years to prepare for this competition.

 Tandem Napping Event

Here are Nike and Buster competing in the tandem napping event. Note the extreme leg extension and precise placement within the playing field.

Competitive Bug Hunting Event

Here are the winners in the Competitive Bug Hunting (and eating!) event. They placed Gold and Silver.

Naturally, all world-class Cat-lympics athletes have their product endorsement deals. Sassy is still fielding offers from several sponsors, but Buster has decided to be the new face of Mr. Coffee and to represent Milwaukee’s Best Beer.

Cat Nap Marathon Event

Medal Ceremonies will be held following the Cat Nap Marathon events – both individual and pairs.

During this Olympic season, my cute kitties wanted to get in on the fun with the Cat-lympics

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During this Olympic season, my cute kitties decided to get into the Olympic spirit by putting together their own Cat-lympics.


  1. Loved this post, am now following you on GFC on the strength of this (like the rest of your blog too).

  2. Hope you enjoyed your SITS day 🙂

    My youngest daughter wants a kitten so badly… she has a birthday in less than two months and she is convinced she is getting one. Uh, oh.

  3. Your kitties are too cute!

  4. Tandem napping! 😉 Cute!
    Hallo from SITS!

  5. Those are adorable kitties. Cats are the best!!

    Stopping by again from SITS…

  6. Oh the antics of the kitties! I always love watching what they’re up to. I’m surprised you didn’t have the “middle of the night relay race around the house” event listed! 🙂 That one is my husband’s personal favorite.

  7. This is adorable — nice job of pairing great pics with funny commentary!

  8. Lol!

  9. so cute! We used to have cats who does the same things! One of them loved diving and hiding inside boxes!

  10. I like these post. they are funny and entertaining!

  11. Jenna Lewis Cox says:

    so cute, so fun and so creative!!! Go team CAT!!!!!!!! (Hate to brake the news, but i am really pulling for team Dog!) hehehe

  12. blueviolet says:

    What cutie cats you have! Happy SITS day!

  13. I love cute cat pictures. Thanks for the treat!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Cats are so fun to photograph…almost all of our pics of our late cat Jenny are of her in or on things like the sink, baskets, etc. 🙂

  15. Haha, they are too cute!!!! How fun!!!


  16. Congrats on being featured!

    You know, I recall doing similar things to my childhood best friend’s cats. Except, we had a “Dancing Kitty” segment. Cats are really wonderful at the Macarena, you should give it a try sometime!

  17. Ryan and Katie says:


  18. too cute!

  19. LOVE it!!

  20. That’s too funny! My cat does the strangest things! Congrats on being a SITS featured blogger!

  21. I also live with two silly cats.

    My are currently working their tree climbing skills.

    Happy holidays.

  22. HaHa! Cats probably think boxes were invented for them!

  23. aaawww cute kitties! congrats on being a groovy SITSsta!!!

  24. That is fantastic! Happy SITs day!

  25. So cute! I’ll have to share this one with my hubby – he has always loved cats. Happy SITS day!

  26. I love Kitties!! Those are some fine looking Olympians.

  27. Hee! So funny 🙂

    Happy SITS day!

  28. Cute cats. Happy SITS day.

  29. clever!

  30. Cute Kitties! Happy SITS day! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  31. Cute stuff! Happy SITS day!

  32. Funny post. Your cats are really talented. Happy SITS day!

  33. Very cute kitty cats. Congratulations on your SITS day and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  34. Too cute! Happy SITS day:)

  35. Wow! I love it! Merry Christmas Eve and Happy SITS Day!

  36. Cats make our lives so much more fun!

  37. beautiful cats. i love kitties 🙂
    Congrats on being featured on SITS today!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  38. Enjoy your SITS day and the holidays as well!

    What a great post. I have a really funny tabby too named Thomas Jefferson…he is my baby.


  39. I soo love it! I am a huge cat person, My baby is named Taylor and I am such a sucker for strips! I don’t know what it is about tabby’s but I just love them!

  40. Wow! Not being a cat person I had no idea that they were so talented! Very funny post.

  41. Columbia Lily says:

    I would like to participate in the napping event. I wish my cats liked each other the way yours do…I have a VERY high maintenance diva cat who can’t stand that other cats exist, much less one in the same house.

  42. That’s a hoot!

    It reminds me of the cat I had when I was little. She would sit on the tops of open doors. Just sit there and watch people. Weird.

    That and she’s run full speed in to paper bags lying on their sides on the floor and flip them upright, getting stuck inside.

  43. Our four cats would win the ignoring-our-people-until-it’s-time-to-eat competition, paws down. Thanks for a fun post.

  44. oh my that is so funny! You have some very talented cats. I should enter my two cats next year…

    Congrats on being featured on SITS


  45. so funny! I love your blog’s look….very pretty

  46. over from SITS!

    what photogenic cats you have! So cute and crazy!

  47. Cute, cute!!!

  48. Over from SITS and loving it! You can’t go wrong with kitty cats and their never ending humor =]

  49. i LOVE cats! yours remind me so much of mine. they always like to be doing things identical to each other, and always end up in the funniest places. i think they are wonderful.

    happy SITS day, and happy holidays!

  50. Funny!

  51. I too would love to participate in the napping event..i’d be a shoo
    love it

  52. Mr. Coffee and beer – great products!

  53. Silly kitties! Happy SITS day!

  54. Cute, cats are so funny!

  55. Happy SITS day!

  56. Happy SITS day! They are SO cute!

  57. LOL! Too funny!

  58. Love it!! Great pictures!

  59. Very cute! My cat does some long jumping from bed to dresser…

  60. I love their guilty expressions in the chair pic. “What? We’re not doing anything… just sitting here quietly…”

  61. Love it! Your kitties seem to be VERY good at their events!

  62. Cute kitties!

  63. Love the napping competition… I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I think I could compete in that event sometime myself.

    Too funny!

  64. Came over from SITS…this is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh. 😀


  65. LOL great post…very clever! And cats are just soooo cooperative!

  66. oh adrian, your babies gave me a good giggle. i don’t know what i would do without my cats.

    thanx for sharing the antics.

    xoxo ~ carol.

  67. That’s so cute! I love the idea of cat Olympics. hehe Especially the product endorsement deals going on. As long as they don’t start wearing those tiny bikinis or the sports tape (yeow!).

  68. That is perfect. I love it!!!

    When my cats were kittens they used to curl up together inside a Pepsi cube. We’d walk in the front door and they’d both pop their heads out the little hole…so cute. Buster in the beer box reminded me of that…


  69. What a cute post and what adorable cat-letes! Take care – Kellan

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