Tutorial: DIY Tied Fleece Blankets

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The Finished Blanket

Here is the finished blanket.  I’ve flipped it over so you can see both the chevron and the plain sides.  I do LOVE this color combo.  As you can see, my napkin tip gives you perfectly mitered corners.

Finished blanket

Bonus Tip for Scraps

As I said, be sure and save your all your scraps.  The 6″ squares make fabulous little dusting cloths to use around the house.  The texture of the fleece soaks up dust like a sponge and hangs onto it.

The strips from the edges are fun for the kids to play with.  They will make ropes out of them, leashes for their stuffed animals, just all sorts of stuff.  My son likes to use them to make matching boondoggle bracelets.

See.  Makes a nice smooshy bracelet to match your pretty blanket!

There you go – enjoy your blankets.  Try not to make a HUGE mountain of them like I did.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, I have a slightly different one you might also enjoy – Monster pattern blanket.  


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  1. These are fun and easy to do. We’ve made them at VBS and Girl Scouts. The hardest part for me is getting the fabric because I don’t have a craft or fabric store nearby. There is one Michael’s, but they don’t really carry a lot of fabric. This is a downside of living in a congested area – no room for the wonderful Hobby Lobby or giant, well-stocked Walmart! I’ve ordered fleece from Amazon, but one batch came with a hole in the middle, which was a hassle.

  2. Its so sweet how you guys make these blankets for the kiddos!!Thanks for sharing on how you make it!

  3. hooahwifey2010 says:

    Love the easy peasy tutorial. Thank you so much. Found you on pinterest.

  4. hooahwifey2010 says:

    Love the easy peasy tutorial. Thank you so much. Found you on pinterest.

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