Tutorial: DIY Tied Fleece Blankets

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Tying the Knots

I prefer to cut and tie at the same time rather than do all the cutting and do all the tying, but I guess it’s your choice.  I usually cut 10 or 12 strips at a time and then tie them, that way I can adjust if I am cutting them too short or too long.

For tying, you have several choices and everyone has their favorites.  I prefer the more traditional tied knots because it’s easier and makes for fluffier knots, but I think the looped knots look really cool with the contrasting fabric, so try both and see which one you prefer.

This is the looped method

This is double knotted method.  It’s pretty easy and it won’t come undone. Caution:  The first one I did came out kind of like a shower cap because I tied it TOO TIGHT.  Think nice fluffy knots, not super TIGHT ones.

This is the tied method.

Best tools to Use

A word about scissors.  Some people like to use a rotary cutter like this one:

They are awesome and very fast, but the blades get dull quickly and you have to be super careful about your table.  Don’t go off the edge of the mat or you will ruin your table (ask me how I know that?).

I’m a mostly a scissors girl.  The first batch of quilts we made for #GivingTuesday, my thumb went numb for about 3 days and my son’s girlfriend had a visible bruise on her thumb from the scissors.  Of course, we cut about 30 of them in one weekend with scissors that weren’t very sharp!

After that I got smart and bought some decent scissors.  These Fiskars ones are especially nice because they don’t have a top loop, which is great for lefties like me.  No bruises or numb thumbs with these babies!

My Fiskars scissors

Don’t forget, there’s a good tip coming for the scraps and you will have a LOT of scraps, especially those curly edges you cut off in the beginning.  Don’t be too quick to throw them away.

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  1. These are fun and easy to do. We’ve made them at VBS and Girl Scouts. The hardest part for me is getting the fabric because I don’t have a craft or fabric store nearby. There is one Michael’s, but they don’t really carry a lot of fabric. This is a downside of living in a congested area – no room for the wonderful Hobby Lobby or giant, well-stocked Walmart! I’ve ordered fleece from Amazon, but one batch came with a hole in the middle, which was a hassle.

  2. Its so sweet how you guys make these blankets for the kiddos!!Thanks for sharing on how you make it!

  3. hooahwifey2010 says:

    Love the easy peasy tutorial. Thank you so much. Found you on pinterest.

  4. hooahwifey2010 says:

    Love the easy peasy tutorial. Thank you so much. Found you on pinterest.

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