OK, we got the weirdest call the other day.  Someone wanted to cast our DOG in a local movie.  Apparently, this lady had run into Joe and my husband at the local hardware store and mentioned that she knew someone who supplied animals for movies.  He just thought she was kidding, but apparently he gave her our number anyway.  

Turns out they were casting for a local low-budget film called “The Twelve Dogs of Christmas” and they wanted a St. Bernard for one of the lead parts.  She had us call a lady and Email them some pictures and info about him.  Then they wanted to set up an audition for him.  
It was so weird trying to explain to all our friends that we had an audition for a dog.  But they were offering about $200 a day, so we were pretty excited about the opportunity.  Joe passed his interview with flying colors, mostly.  He got along well with the female dogs, the handlers, and the kids they were testing with, but had a little tension with the other male dog that was set to play the other main lead.  They weren’t fighting or anything, but they weren’t the best of friends either.

We’ve had our fingers crossed all day hoping to hear that he’d gotten the part.  But sadly, one of the other dogs got the part, although we heard from an insider that he hadn’t tested as well with the female dogs and the kids, but I guess getting along with the other male lead was the key – boo! 

Poor Joe – he’s sad he missed his chance at fame – or maybe he’s just hungry!

I’m still holding out hope that the other dog won’t work out for some reason and they’ll call Joe in after all, but I guess Joe will just have to have his shot at the big screen some other time – sigh.  In the meantime, we’ll start having him practice for signing his paw-tographs!  

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