Bloggers Have Fun at El Pollo Loco

Just after Christmas I got an invitation I was really excited about.  My local bloggers group was sponsoring an event at our local El Pollo Loco.  Well, it’s not exactly local for me, it’s in Lehi, which is about 20 miles from me, but what’s a bit of a drive for some good food?  

When we lived in California, El lPollo Loco was one of our favorite places to eat and we’ve missed it.  So when they invited us to enjoy a delicious complimentary lunch with a great group of our blogger friends, I was there.  I even begged to bring my husband because he’s missed our trips to El Pollo Loco too.  
PolloLoco (4)


This is my darling friend Kathy from Danish Mama with her two cute kiddos.  

This was my husband’s first blogger event and he thought it was hilarious whenPolloLoco (8) we all whipped out our cameras when the food came.  I told him it was kind of a rule in the blog world to take pictures of your food so you can blog about it.  I don’t care if he thought it was funny, this was a meal worth taking a picture of.  I had the dark meat special with the corn cake and the best sweet potato fries ever!   I also had the flan for dessert which was done just right, very sweet and creamy.  I’d forgotten how good their chicken was – it’s done in a special fruit juice marinade that makes it delicious without all the fat of frying – you don’t find something this yummy at the Colonel place!

Tony dutifully took a picture of his meal too.   He went the traditional route with a 3 piece chicken, rice, beans, salsa, and tamales.  He gave me a bite of his tamale.  I didn’t think to order one.  I haven’t had one since our friends used to make them for us for Christmas – yum!
PolloLoco (7)

 I’m kicking myself because I didn’t think to grab a picture of the two of us while we were there.  The closest we got was a closeup of my fancy New Year’s nails – gold ‘n silver. 

Tuesdays are the best day to visit El Pollo Loco because KIDS EAT FREE on Tuesdays.  Kids 13 and under get a free kids’ combo with every regular combo you purchase.  That’s a great deal and they usually have some special activities for the kids on that night also.  Last week, they had Karaoke Night.  You don’t get that at that “Golden Arches” place – hPolloLoco (2)a!  And did I mention the big screen TV with kids movies?  That’ll keep ’em happy!  If you want to bring your sports team, they can even watch their game replay on the big screen TV’s.  This is a fun place!

If you’re looking to have a fiesta any time soon, they cater as well.  I know my friends would enjoy a nice El Pollo Loco spread and I’ll bet yours would too.  It’s muy delicioso!
PolloLoco (3)

I’m hoping that they will be able to open more restaurants soon – hopefully closer to me.  But for now, the only one is this one here at 88 N. 1200 E State in Lehi, right in front of the Costco.  C’mon down and check it out. 

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