Blogger Girls Wanna Have Some MORE Fun!

Blogger Halloween Party (1)

Bag o’ gumballs

Blogger Halloween Party (2)

Jack Sparrow put in an appearance, along with an angry bird,  and Michelle as an insurance salesman (I think).

I’ve been having such a good time with my blogger friends this holiday season. First we had this marvelous Halloween party over at Jordan Valley Hospital.  We all came in costume and we got to check out their wonderful new doctor’s lounge.  I guess I must have been having a really good time visiting with everyone because I only ended up with two pictures.  It’s a shame because we had some awesome costumes. 



I didn’t even get a picture of myself in my costume, which is a shame because I had an awesome spur-of-the-moment costume – sometimes those are the best.  

I dressed myself up so that practically every inch of skin was covered – hat, gloves, long sleeves, etc.  Then I made myself a sandwich board-type sign that said “Nudist on Strike” – hilarious! 

I even won one of the best costume prizes for it.  In fact, I was having a lucky night so I came away with 3 or 4 different prizes.  That was sweet – literally – as some of them were candy. 

They do have a beautiful lounge for the doctors there at Jordan Valley Hospital.  They have nice hotel-like sleeping rooms for the on-call doctors, showers, a gorgeous view of the valley, and all sorts of snacks and beverages to pep up those hard working doctors. Wish I’d been on the ball, I’d had some nice pictures to post.  

PS:  I was whining about not having any pictures of my costume and surprise!  I managed to find some out on Flicker thanks to Emily over at IsThisReallyMyLife.  Thanks Emi.  

See what I mean?

Mmmmm, candy  

I love Lindsay’s R2D2 costume

Then we had the T-Mobile party last week that was so much fun.  The day after that, we had our White Elephant party over at The Chocolate in West Jordan.  Our blogger ladies have partied with them before at their Orem location, I think it was last year with the Sassy Scoops, right around my birthday in October.  We always have a fun time at The Chocolate.  

It’s a cute, tiny little vintage-looking place and they have the most wonderful desserts.  However, I always get my favorite item – the Magic Potato.  It’s almost hard to describe, but it is just wonderful.  They take a baked sweet potato, then they whip it up with all sorts of cinnamon, nuts, brown sugar, and other yummy spices, and then throw in a generous handful of crushed pecans and top the whole thing with ice cream.  Wow!  If you like sweet potatoes as much as I do, it’s definitely magic. 

The White Elephant party was set up by my dear, sweet friend Kathy over at Danish Mama
She got up and made a very heartfelt little speech about how we bloggers support each other that had us all sniffling.  

Because we really do support each other so much.  It’s kind of amazing when you realize that just a couple of years ago, I didn’t know a soul in the blogging world, but now I’ve got literally dozens of really neat people that I get together with every few weeks.  We take road trips, share hotel rooms, hang out, and have a heck of a lot of fun together. 

We laugh and we cry, we cheer for each other and we mourn for each other in the hard times, we give each other advice, and sometimes we pitch right in and help out in lots of practical ways.  We support each other and promote each other’s efforts and passions.  Sometimes we buy stuff from each other, sometimes we sell stuff to each other, and lots of times we just give stuff for charities – time, energy, love, money, diapers, school supplies.  At one party, we even gave dozens of snuggies for seniors.  

This time, we all brought packs of diapers to give to Moms who couldn’t afford any, ‘cuz we’ve all been there at one time or another.  (And our white elephants.  I ended up with a fabulous little giftie for my husband that I never would have thought of – a wireless BBQ thermometer.)  

It’s a great community of women (and about 3 guys) and while we fuss and fight with each other sometimes – as girls will do.  For the most part, we’re pretty damned awesome! 

So yes, blogger girls DO just wanna have fun!

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