Pinterest – My Latest Obsession

OK, I’ve found a new obsession. For the last few weeks, I’ve been playing around over on Pinterest. I didn’t really understand what the site was all about until I got over there, but it’s pretty amazing. It’s a huge picture gallery with pictures of anything you can ever imagine, clothes, food, crafts, art, people, just this random assortment of interesting stuff. And each picture links to the website where it came from, so you can buy the thing, get the recipe, or find a tutorial to make the craft items.

When you find something you like, you click a button to “pin” it to one of your “boards”. You can have an unlimited amount of pins on an unlimited amount of boards. I have different ones for funny sayings, ideas for cool nail designs, things with polka dots, and all sorts of stuff. A lot of people use them for useful stuff like collecting recipes or color schemes they want for decorating. To me, it’s just for eye candy. I especially love the sayings. I have a ton of funny and profound sayings on my Words I Love board. You’ll have to pop over to Pinterest and Follow me there. I didn’t have enough characters, so I’m over there as AdriansCrazyLif

This is a sample of one of my Pinterest boards. See these beautiful masks I found. Aren’t they gorgeous? 

This is one of the few ways I waste time on the Internet.  Usually I’m busy doing, doing, doing, but this is just a nice breath of air in my day.  I’ve got boards for animals, cute guys, color schemes (green, blue, black & white), books I want to read, funny stuff, sparkly stuff, you name it.  C’mon over & visit me.   

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