EVO Conference 2011 is a Blazing Success

If you’ve been around my blog at all, you know that going to go to Blog Conferences is my favorite thing ever.  I have to say that the EVO Conference is the best of the best.  

The have awesome speakers, fabulous accommodations, luxurious parties, the biggest and best sponsors, and a ton of top notch awesome bloggers.  What could be better?  

Last year’s conference was just outstanding and I wasn’t sure if they could top that, but I think they did it again.  You be the judge – take a peek at this highlight reel:

I don’t know what I enjoy more – enjoying the classes and the awesome speakers, 

Me-Rah-Koh, one of our keynote speakers with the adorable Laurie Turk

spending time hanging with my peeps,


One of the few decent pictures of me.  I’ve been using it for my Avatar lately.

Me and my roommate Ashlee from I’m Topsy Turvy.

Evo11 (263)

My and my pal Kathy Dalton from Danish Mama.

Evo11 (264)

My table mates Sari, Janet, Kathy, and Carly.  Such fun girls!

Two blonde beauties – Emi Hill & Kathy

Tip Junkie (Laurie Turk) who is just a darling and my good friend Kim from Today’s Creative Blog.  Aren’t they cute?

Evo11 (265)

Jyl – one of the organizers and her awesome husband Troy.  He had all these fun little signs clipped to his badge – Will Tweet for food, Not a Mom, etc.  So funny! 

Finally, enjoying the awesome sponsor parties at the end with my family

Evo11 (49)

This year, I wore comfortable clothes (Last year I had a flippy skirt & uncomfortable boots) so I went on all the rides except for the zip line which was booked solid.  The Alpine Coaster was my favorite. 

I really enjoyed talking to the sponsors about interesting new products and promotions (and getting a shameless amount of swag!).  Plus hanging out at the beautiful Canyons resort – they are always so gracious and welcoming. 

Gee – after all of that, can you see why I adore this conference so much?  You know where I will be next year!  

Disclaimer:  Despite the awesome photography class, I still take lousy photos, so I swiped some from the following people – Laurie Turk, Emily Hill, Kathy Dalton. 

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  1. It was good meeting you at evo! I can’t wait until next year.

  2. It was good to meet you at evo! I had a great time and can’t wait until next year.

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