I’m not sure if this is more of a parenting tip or a decluttering tip, but it is something that has helped me.  I have specific policies on certain things and I refer to them frequently.  For instance if my son asks to keep his Sobe bottle, or the bottle for his favorite Jones Soda, I simply refer him to my “trash policy”.  My trash policy states that we do not keep things in our house that are classified as trash, so that’s a definite no on Sobe or Jones Soda bottles, regardless of the pretty pictures on them.  

Basically, it just saves a lot of arguments and makes sure that things are done in a uniform way.  I also have a “noise policy” – no unnecessary noises, a policy on animal cruelty – not allowed in any form, and a policy for when chores need to be done – I don’t do “later” or “wait a minute” ever

I think it’s helpful for the kids because they know exactly what to expect in certain circumstances, and it also helps me to be more consistent as a parent.  It doesn’t stop them from pushing the line, naturally, but it’s a lot easier when he’s kicking the table leg for the tenth time to calmly say “What is my noise policy?” than to snap “Would you cut out that *#%*@ noise?”

What policies does your house need? 

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2 Comments on Have a Policy for Your Kids

  1. My home needs to have a NO EXCESS PAPER policy. My husband is a packrat and it makes me nuts. Luckily, we have separate offices and all his papers must be contained with the one file cabinet (or hidden from my view somehow). But I’d rather him just NOT collect it in the first place. He says it’s “just in case we need it later” but any time we’ve needed something later, he can’t find the relevant paper because of his piles. Grrr…

  2. It’s amazing what consistency can do. I want to have a policy of “everything must have a home or else it’s gone,” but sometimes that is really hard. I guess I’ll have to start with myself!

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