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If CSI came into your house, would they be able to tell what you’ve been doing all day?

If there were crumbs or plates on the table, they’d know what you had for lunch. If there were bill stubs, stamps and envelopes laying around, they’d know you had been paying bills. If you left your craft supplies laying around, they’d know what crafts you’d been doing, what books you’d been reading, what toys your kids have been playing with.

Now, is the point of this that you’re hiding a guilty secret and you don’t want the FBI to know? No, of course not. But this stuff is also clutter that very subtly creeps into your house throughout the day and makes it look messy.
However, if you get into the habit of tidying things up as you go, it’s just like you are erasing the evidence. No crumbs, no bill stubs, no toys lying around (kids or adults!). Everyone picks up as they go along and the house miraculously stays clean.

It really works and this is what the cleanie types do all the time. The beauty of it is that these little minutes here and there probably don’t add up to half the time you spend when you are doing a big tidy-up for company.

Why not give it a try for a couple of days and see how much more peaceful and calm it is around your house and how much easier you can find things. I think you’ll really like it.


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3 Comments on Cleaning Tip – Erase the Evidence

  1. I try to stick to this technique for a while now and it works quite well. But with two preschool children in the household it still is a challenge to keep the house tidy…

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