SITScation – Day 2

Today was the main day of the conference and it’s a busy day! We had 5 or 6 different speakers lined up and there was so much information given to us, my head was about bursting. We had Sugar Jones of Sugar In the Raw who talked to us about the power of positive blogging. Then the fabulous Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie talked to us about her journey and how she built this amazing network of Mom-preneurs through her site. I’ve been featured a couple of times on her site and I’ll tell you, it brought me a welcome avalanche of visitors. Social networking is more powerful than people imagine.

Sorry about the blur – this camera sucks. This is Angie from 7 Clown Circus.  

More blur.  This is Tiffany hugging Amanda from Parenting by Dummies.  Off to the side is Sugar Jones from Sugar in the Raw, and Kerri Jackson from Damn You Little Rock.  These are some awesome bloggers.  

Hmmm – This is Tiffany, sorry don’t remember, Francesca (I think), Mama Kat, Lula, Angie, and Heather.  Don’t they all just look adorable?  We had some real star power in the group.  

I remember MamaKatsLosinIt and Angie from 7ClownCircus talking about how to set up repeating events like Writers Workshop and Wordful Wednesday. Gosh I’m wishing I’d taken better notes. My memory is really getting appalling these days.

After a fabulous networking lunch, KeepItClassyJen showed us how to vlog. Sounds really cool, but I’m a little camera shy for that one. Maybe I’ll feature the kids or something. Then Alli Worthington came and talked to us about developing your personal brand and presenting yourself to the world and to marketing people, if you choose to go that way. Very good info.

My favorite speaker was Renee at CutieBootieCakes. She talked about building communities and friendships through blogging, which is an issue near and dear to my heart. She is all about welcoming people and making them feel supported and included, which is a big passion of mine. I think because there have been a lot of times when people didn’t make me feel that way, I have a real heart for making others feel welcome.

Then we finished it up by having a panel of the more well-known bloggers and answering some questions about what they do. Good stuff!

It was an action packed day and I wish it had lasted much longer, but we had a fabulous time and I met some amazing women. I even won a few bucks at the slot machines. Pretty darn good weekend.

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  1. what a great wrapup of a great, and yes, too short weekend that we shared. it was so nice to meet you, Adrian!

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