TGI freakin’ F! Another Bullying Incident at School

Oh man am I ready for Friday! It’s been a rough week. I’ve probably got 3 days worth of work sitting on my desk but only 1 day to do it – ugh! My husband, on the other hand has almost no work and I’m getting a little worried about the tiny little company he works for. I gained 2 lbs on my Weight Watcher’s weigh-in. Then Matt gets fired from Target (don’t ask!) and today his 20 year old car broke down. Then the other day, Blake comes home looking like this:



Why does he look like this? Well, one of the kids in his class, who is about 6 inches taller and about 25 lbs heavier, decided to chuck pinecones at him – hard. This kid was apparently held back a year (or two!) and he’s the only 5th grader I’ve ever seen with the beginnings of facial hair. Blake has always had problems with other kids bullying him and it turns out that there are about 4 or 5 boys and even a few girls who are giving him a hard time this year. This just makes me sad – and angry! What the heck is wrong with all these kids?

Naturally, I went the rounds with the teacher and the principal. They talked to the kids and the parents and even offered to bring in a police officer, but it still hasn’t stopped completely. He says that its pretty much an every day thing – teasing, name calling, excluding, just little nastinesses going on all day. It’s hard to say because I never get a completely straight story out of him. I usually find out that things aren’t exactly the way he says they are, but he definitely isn’t having a great time at this school.

I’ve never had to deal with this kind of thing before and I don’t really know what to do about it. I got a couple of books about it, but that just depressed me. Apparently, it’s going to get worse in a couple of years when he hits Jr. High – a lot worse. Isn’t that just delightful?

I mean, I can see why he’s a bit of a target for these bullies. He’s always been the smallest kid in his class and he has a way of acting that is much more innocent and immature than these other kids. Really, he’s more like a 7 or 8 year old in a 10 year old’s body, so I can see why that makes him stand out from the other kids and kids this age have exactly ZERO tolerance for anyone who is different. But what can we do about it? Give him growth hormones? Send him to boot camp to toughen him up? I don’t think I want him toughened up – I rather like him the way he is, even if these little turkeys don’t agree.

I’ll tell you, home schooling starts looking more and more attractive in these kinds of situations. But I would stink at it. Plus I already have a job. I don’t know. I guess we’ll figure something out or hope it just blows over. But I’m sincerely glad it’s Friday and tomorrow, I get to go with some of my friends for a fun day of stamping all day. And maybe I’ll find a Margarita or two in there somewhere. Mommy’s had a rough week.  

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  1. Adrian, I am so sorry your son has been having a rough time with his peers! That is so tough. I’m sure as a mom it just breaks your heart to see your son have to face things like that every day. Kids can be so mean!
    I totally know what you mean by liking him wide-eyed and innocent. You want to keep them that way as long as possible.
    I wish I could give some words of advice, but I’ve never been in this situation either.
    Great big hugs from one mom to another.

  2. This kind of thing just breaks my heart! If my kids ever bullied, I would feel like the worst parent ever. I hope you make some kind of headway about it or take the plunge and home school!

  3. Hi Adrian…this post just breaks my heart…he is only 10 for crying out loud. My son is only in kindergarten but he is so innocent and wide eyed…I already see one little neighbor boy who treats him like do-do. Of course, me the mother bear steps in and calls him on it all the time. I pray that things change for him and you…and enjoy those margaritas…notice the plural 😉

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