More Cruise Pictures – Formal Night

We didn’t take a lot of pictures of the ship. Now, I wish I had so I could show you how ugly the decor was on the ship. Some of it wasn’t bad, but most of it was really pretty ghastly. Lots of red marble with purple neon and overly eye-catching accent pieces.  However, they had photographers just about everywhere on the ship, taking your pictures whether you want them to or not! It was actually kind of annoying after a while, but we did decide to get a few pictures done on the formal nights. It isn’t that often that we get dressed up and we don’t have very many pictures of just the two of us together.

This picture was kind of sweet, one because they took in on our actual anniversary and two because we have a very similar picture that was taken of us on our honeymoon, so I thought it was kind of nice to have this one.  They even made us a pretty cake to share with the group at our table.

This was our first formal night. I’m always having to get after Tony because he never smiles in pictures and I get so mad at him. I love this dress. It’s Isaac Mizrahi and it’s kind of a taffeta blend, so it has that nice “swishy” sound and it just feels wonderful. 

It’s kind of bittersweet because Tony’s Dad always used to send us money for Christmas and this dress is what I had bought with my share of the money. I had meant to send him a picture of it to thank him, but I never got the chance before he passed. Notice the shoes – Vera Wang kitten heels. Uncomfortable and slippery as the dickens on the marble floors, but I thought they were really cute.

Here is the 2nd formal night picture. This one came out a bit better, although they made me take my glasses off, so I look a little odd. I threatened Tony with bodily harm if he didn’t smile, so we finally got a smile out of him. The photographer wanted me to leave out my little purse, but I thought it was cute, so I insisted on leaving it in. Too bad you can’t see it well. It’s got a row of rhinestones to match my shoes, and it had the cutest little bow on the front. After all, it’s my picture, so I can have it the way I want!

I like the black shirt with the red tie, but I think the vest was a little bit much. He looks like he’s going to sing in a barbershop quartet or something! We went to a guy who runs a whole tux shop out of his basement and he fitted Tony up with two complete suits including the shoes and all the accessories for $55 for the whole week. That’s a lot less than we would have paid if we’d had to buy him a nice suit and he probably wouldn’t have had many places to wear it to anyway, so I thought that was a pretty good deal.

I wish you could see more of my actual dress, it was really beautiful. It was beaded black velvet and fit me like a glove, but it was sleeveless and I’m a little self-conscious about my heavy arms, so I put this red lace top over it. This was actually one of the main staircases on the ship, not one of those phony backgrounds, so I liked this picture the most out of all of them. There were some gorgeous outfits that people were wearing. Of course, you still have some people running around in flipflops and shorts, but they had to eat in the informal dining rooms. Most of the people in the main dining rooms were pretty nicely dressed.

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