Cruise Pictures – St. Thomas Excursions

Saint Thomas was hands down our favorite island. It was beautiful and peaceful, the people were very nice and not pushy at all, and we really enjoyed our day there. We would love to come back and just spend a week or so hanging around there.

We had a VERY busy day planned. Tony’s Parasailing excursion had been cancelled at Half Moon Cay, so we had three different excursions planned for the day – parasailing, the helmet dive, and a visit to a butterfly farm. Busy, but what a great day!


Here are some pictures of Tony and his parasailing. This was the only excursion he did on his own. I’m not particularly afraid of heights, but I am a little afraid of water and I was afraid the harness might be a little uncomfortable, so I opted out of this one and did a bit of shopping instead, since they wouldn’t let me on the boat just to watch. So he asked some of the other people on the boat to take pictures for him.  Yeah, he’s not shy, that man of mine!  




Next, we were off to an aqarium called Coral World for the Helmet Dive. Again, this was a little scary for me due to my fear of water, but once I managed to get myself into the water, it was just amazing.

Here are some of the pictures we took with a waterproof camera 16 feet below the water:

Don’t we look goofy in these strange, space age helmets? They were cool though because you could breathe pretty normally without getting your face in the water. But they were really heavy and you had to be very careful to walk upright because if you leaned over, you’d get your chin in the water.

Caribbean water is extremely salty and nasty. We’ve been at California beaches all our lives and this is at least twice as salty. Look at this sea spider, they gave us to hold. They also gave us a sea cucumber, but I swear it felt and looked just like a piece of poop, so I wasn’t too anxious to hold it.


Did I mention the iguanas? There were about a million of them all running around loose and all kinds of little lizards too. Here’s a picture of one lazy guy sunning himself by the side of the path.

At one point, we saw about four of them on the path looking like they were getting ready to race. We also got to pet starfish, anemonies (yeah, I know that’s not spelled right), and this sand shark. He said be sure to pet him close to his head, or he’d whip around and bite your hand. Definitely not for the faint of heart!


After a bit of lunch and a visit to the gift shop (of course!), we were headed back to the dock and our visit to the butterfly farm. This sounds like an ideal way to make a living and apparently this guy does just that. He goes to all these beautiful tropical islands (I think he said he’d been on 16 of them) and he just sets up these beautiful enclosed gardens and then fills them all full of gorgeous butterflies. Then he gets to live on these beautiful island and charges people to walk through them and look at the pretty butterflies.

Not a bad life, sez I!

Sadly, some of our butterfly pictures didn’t come out, but we did get some pictures of this Owl butterfly. Here it is with it’s wings closed and looking definitely brown, but when it opens up his wings, the inside is the brightest, clearest blue you’ve ever seen. This guy hopped a ride on my shoulder and rode around with me for about 15 minutes.  Magical!

That was the end of our day in St.Thomas. We were exhausted and our feet were killing us from all the walking, but you can see why we’d like to go back sometime and have a little more time to explore the island.
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