1st Cruise Excursion – Half Moon Cay

I finally got some more pictures developed, so I thought I’d share them with you. Here are some pictures from our first port of call – Half Moon Cay, pronounced Key. This is a beautiful little private island owned by Carnival and Holland America. The weather looked a little dicey in the morning and it was windy enough that some of the excursions had to be cancelled, but by mid-morning, it was really nice.

It has a beautiful beach with soft, fine sand like sugar. We didn’t really have a chance to get down to the beach, instead I spent most of my time relaxing at the bar, looking at the pretty scenery while enjoying a Pina Colada and listening the caribbean music. That’s exactly what I had pictured as a relaxing vacation and it was the most peaceful feeling.

In the afternoon, we had a chance to go swimming with the stingrays. As I mentioned in my earlier post, this was slightly traumatic for me, due to my fear of water, but I still managed to enjoy it.


Here I am all tricked out in my life vest and snorkel mask. We were in a shallow lagoon that was netted off from the open ocean to keep out the sharks and barracudas – yikes! There were about 8 fully armed stingrays in the pool along with an assortment of small, pretty fish. They said that they can remove the stings from them, but it’s traumatic on the animals and they just grow back anyway, so we were asked to step very carefully – yeah, you bet!

We could pet the stingrays – the were a little scratchy and slightly slimy and they gave us some squid (yuck!) to hand feed them. They sort of vaccuum the food from your hand, which feels really weird. One of the stingrays tried to attach itself to Tony’s butt, which kind of freaked him out.  

After our adventure, we were treated to a great island style BBQ in a lovely covered complex where we could watch all the pretty birds and palm trees. All in all, it was a very interesting and fun day.
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