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I’ve long been fascinated with boho decor. If you’re wondering what boho decor is, it’s kind of a bohemian, gypsy style of decorating that tends to be fun, funky, and most of all colorful!

I grew up in boring, bland apartments, so I am DYING for some color and character in my house, particularly my office.  My Mom had a very colorful gypsy flair and I definitely take after her!

So, I’ve been adding some fun boho decor elements like these around my office.  It’s wonderful how a few little pops of color can add a lot of interest to a fairly generic home office.

So, I put together this little roundup of these 20 fun DIY items for you to look at for your own Boho decor.



Boho decor is one of the hottest trends in home decor. It adds that unique gypsy touch that adds character to a room. Here are 20 great examples you can make yourself.

Make this adorable macrame tent for your own boho decor.

I think I'd have made these in some gorgeous colors, but tassels like these are super easy to make and are very boho.

Look at this dang cute mini-lantern with a doily accent. Now that's going to look gorgeous in your boho decor house.

Remember macrame? I do, but I never thought to combine it with a pretty doily like this. It's a very cool boho decor DIY item.

Links to the websites where I found these wonderful projects

  1. Anthropologie Hack DIY Bohemian Hanging Chimes from acharmingproject.com
  2. Make A Boho Lumbar Pillow From A Table Runner from francoisetmoi.com
  3. Boho Modern Decor Mantle from hawthorneandmain.com
  4. DIY Necklace Holder With Boho Knobs from blog.consumercrafts.com
  5. DIY Boho Wall Hanging From Thrifted Doily from thediymommy.com
  6. Boho Lantern DIY from amandakatherine.com
  7. DIY String Tassel Garland from brepurposed.porch.com
  8. DIY Wood Leather Plant Hanger from madeinaday.com
  9. No Sew DIY Boho Pillows from mountainmodernlife.com
  10. DIY Modern Boho Yarn Wall Hanging from dahliasanddimes.com
  11. DIY Boho Fall Wreath from theblondielocks.com
  12. Boho Spring Wreath from thecraftedsparrow.com
  13. Gorgeous DIY Boho Jewelry Holder from thesoccermomblog.com
  14. DIY Macrame Curtain from abeautifulmess.com
  15. Feather Wreath For Your Door from placeofmytaste.com
  16. DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging from homeyohmy.com
  17. Polymer Clay Phases Of The Moon Mobile Tutorial from natashalh.com
  18. Make A Coiled Raffia Basket from we-are-scout.com
  19. DIY Pom Pom Basket from honestlywtf.com
  20. DIY Boho Macrame Play Tent from pocketofposies.com

I hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas.  Please visit these sites for more info on how to make these cool boho decor crafts. Some little touches will add a nice little gypsy vibe to your places and spaces.

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