18 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Women

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Every year, I take great delight in picking out the most ridiculously useful gifts for women and for men.  I put a lot of time and effort in picking out the most unusual, fun, and unique items I can find, because no one likes boring gifts.

I do have three sons, so I finished the men’s gift guide first, so if you are buying for the men in your life, you’ll want to hop over there.  But if you’re shopping for the ladies, just sit tight.

18 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Women

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  This means that if you click any of my links and make a purchase, I get a few extra bucks.  If you buy it from your phone or any other way, no bananas for me.  It’s one of the ways I pay for this site and all the tools I need to run it.  

Pet Space Capsule Carrier

Most women love their pets almost as much as their children and regardless if they are dogs or cats, these backpack pet carriers are pretty awesome.  They are waterproof, breathable, and offer the ability for Fido or Fluffy to look out the little bubble window.  It’ll hold a 13 lb cat or an 11 lb dog securely, comfortably and stylishly.

useful gifts for women
Useful gifts for women

Roll Up Metal Dish Rack

This roll up metal dish rack is a top seller on Amazon and I can see why.  It’s super cool.  You can unroll it over the unused side of the sink and let the dishes drip right into the sink.  No mess to clean up and when you’re done, you just roll it up and put it away.

Useful gifts for women

Robo-Jar Opener

If you’ve got any older ladies on your list, this is a gift they will be so happy to have.  Arthritis is no joke and even for ladies who don’t have arthritis, it can be dang hard to open a tight jar.  But not with this battery-operated Robo-Jar Opener.  You just set it on top of the jar, push the button and bingo!

Useful gifts for women

Rubbermaid Easy Find Storage Containers

My kids bought this food storage set for me a couple of years ago and I use it a LOT.  It’s so handy because the lids snap to the bottoms of the containers.  You can also nest the containers and stack up the lids together in one complete piece which saves a ton on storage space.  Comes in 6 different sizes to hold all different sizes of food.  I’ve thrown out all my other Tupperware products so I never have to sit around matching up containers and lids any more!  I’m sure you can think of someone who really needs this.

Useful gifts for women

Insulated Double Pyrex Carrier

Here’s another gift I’ve had and used for years.  How many potlucks do you go to in a year?  Plenty!  And how nice would it be to show up at a party with your contribution nicely bundled up in a pretty little Pyrex Carrier like this.  It’s insulated and carries two different dishes at once and works for both hot food or cool.  You can even have one hot dish and one cold one if you like.  That sounds like a winning gift to me!

Useful gifts for womenAdult Paint by Numbers Canvas

Let’s try something in the arts and crafts category.  These stunning paint-by-numbers canvases are the latest thing!  You can choose from their extensive collection of pre-designed canvases, or you can even submit a photo of your own and they will create a custom canvas just for you.  I’m getting one for my daughter-in-law with a picture of her dog Rosie who died recently.

This would be great for a grandma if you could do a picture of the grandkids.  It comes with a supply of custom-mixed paints and a color key and it doesn’t require any artistic talent, you just fill in the areas with the right paints.  They provide the printed canvas, a generous supply of pre-mixed paints, and four brushes – what a great gift for a woman who loves arts ‘n crafts.  Truly a unique gift.

Useful gifts for women

Cricut Easy Press Mini 

Also in the arts ‘n crafts area, this is another useful gift for women.  The Easy Press Mini is just the right size for getting into those small areas to iron on vinyl, glitter vinyl or other crafty applications that require a bit of heat in just the right spot.  This gift is sure to be a big hit in your family because iron on designs are all the rage.  Several of my crafty friends have these and they just love them!

Useful gifts for women

The Embrace Handbag Hook

This is the perfect answer to the age old question of where to put your handbag.  Handbags are far too expensive to be just sitting around on the dirty floor, especially in restrooms – yuck!  This Handbag Hook is sort of like a handy little carabiner.  It just twists open to an S design, hooks over any table or door and holds your purse gently off the floor without scuffing or damage.  Holds up to 33 lbs, which would’ve held even one of my Mom’s huge catch-all purses!  And it comes in 12 gorgeous color combinations and comes in a lovely gift package.

Useful gifts for women

BBQ Grill Light

I know BBQ grilling is not always a feminine occupation, but I know plenty of women who know their way around a BBQ just fine.  But my idea was to have this handy light for crafting.  This would be terrific for someone who sews or does beading, or even those adult coloring books when you’re looking at the little tiny areas to color.  Or even to put on your makeup!

This BBQ Grill Light is magnetic with 3 strong magnets in the base, has an adjustable gooseneck, and even comes with a smaller magnetic flashlight and batteries for both!  If you’ve got anyone on your list who struggles with their vision, this is a unique and practical gift they will appreciate.  

Useful gifts for women

Wool Dryer Balls from New Zealand 

OK, I picked these Wool Dryer Balls mainly because they’re SO freaking CUTE!!!  But they are also very practical.  They will make your clothes come out soft and smelling fresh without using any chemicals at all.  Plus they reduce your drying time by up to 40%.  That definitely falls into the ridiculously USEFUL gifts for women category, don’t you think.  Plus – PANDAS!

Useful gifts for women

Or if you prefer, they even have a set of Harry Potter wool dryer balls.  You can bet there won’t be two of those under the Christmas tree this year!  Or what a great White Elephant gift for a party??

Useful gifts for women

Silicone Baking Mat

These silicone baking mats are the BOMB!  No need for parchment paper, oil, or foil and these are sized to fit half-sized baking pans.  Great for cookies, pies, or biscuits.  Comes in a set of two.

Useful gifts for women

Dual Julienne Vegetable Peeler

This is a pretty neat peeler, especially if you like to make julienne vegetables for salads and things.  And you can also use this Julienne Vegetable Peeler for regular veggie peeling too.  Women like cool gadgets just as much as guys do, so why not get them something fun like this to play with?

Useful gifts for women

Kitchen Gizmo Strainer

It’s a soft silicone strainer that clips right onto the side of any pot.  No more scalding your hands trying to hold onto a separate strainer, you just tip the pot over and there you go – instant strainer!  This is Kitchen Gizmo Strainer a top seller on Amazon with tons of positive reviews, so this would be a perfect gift for your favorite mom – especially if you wrap a sparkly bracelet around it!  You’re welcome!

Useful gifts for women

Vacuum Food Preservation Trays

This is one from my own wish list.  I saw these and thought they were super cool.  I got one of those vacuum seal dealies, the kind that suck the air out of the plastic bags and I didn’t really like it.  These Vacuum Food Preservation Trays seem like they would be soooooo much easier.  You just lay the food in it and close the cover – instant seal.  And you can stack ’em so they take up much less room in the fridge.

Useful gifts for women

ELF Gift Wrap Cutter

I keep seeing commercials for this baby and I think it is the most fab-u-lous invention.  You know why?  Because I HATE wrapping presents.  Like really HATE IT.  I usually do everything I can do to find people I can pay to do them or guilt my family into wrapping each others gifts.  Love to buy ’em – hate to WRAP ’em.

And since I’m guessing that about 90% of the presents are wrapped by the women in the family, I think a gift like the ELF Gift Wrap Cutter would be a sure-fire winner!  It comes in a two pack so you don’t have to share.  And it also holds the roll of wrap closed.  And then you just slide it across to cut it.

Useful gifts for women

Self Leveling Measuring Spoons

If you’ve go a woman to buy for who is a baker, she is going to just LOVE these Self-Leveling Measuring Spoons.  With baking, it’s very important to measure things exactly.  Ask me how I know that??  Yes, I’ve had my share of baking disasters due to sloppy measuring – I’m kind of hit ‘n miss with stuff like that.  This set of four measuring spoons comes in a variety of bright and fun colors as you can see.

Useful gifts for women

Sofa Cup Holders

Here’s a gift that works for men or women.  We all love to relax with a drink or a cup of coffee, but there isn’t always a table or a coaster handy.  But you just clip this bad boy onto the arm of the couch and your drink is held securely.  You also can use this Sofa Cup Holder to keep your remote or your phone from getting stuck in between the couch cushions.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Useful gifts for women

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of useful gifts for women.  I’ve had a great time searching out all these fun and interesting gift items.  I hope your family will enjoy them as much as the ones I buy for my family members.

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