18 Ridiculously Useful Gifts for Men

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With three grown sons, a husband and two grandsons, I have a whole houseful of guys to buy gifts for all year ’round.  So I am always on the lookout for any ridiculously useful gifts for men.  In so many ways, I think guys are a lot harder to buy for than women, so I always put a bit of extra effort to find the coolest and most unusual items I can find.  I hope your guys enjoy these items as much as my guys will.

If you have ladies to buy for, don’t worry.  I’ve got you covered there too – I’ve scoped out some cool items for women too.  Check out my gift guide for women as well.

Helpful gifts for men

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Socket Shelf

This one tops the list of useful gifts for men.  It’s perfect for charging your phone or putting your Alexa device on, or any item that requires plug-in power.  It has 6 electrical outlets plus 2 USB ports as well as the shelf to hold your devices while charging.  It’s a big space saver and is a top pick on Amazon with hundreds of positive reviews.  You just plug it in – no installation needed.  Very handy!

Useful gifts for guys

Car Diagnostic Code Scanner

This is the coolest device ever!  When your car goes wonky, all you want to do is figure out what the heck is wrong with it.  Fortunately, this device speaks car computer language!  It works on most of the common brands of cars and can help your man figure out how serious a warning light on a dashboard is.  It might save you some money on unnecessary car repairs and make your man the coolest guy on the block!

Useful gifts for guysElectronic Stud Finder

My husband has one of these handy and useful gifts for men.  He’s always using it to hang pictures, to put up shelves, to do repairs around the house.  He’s definitely gotten his money’s worth out of it.  I should probably get another one for our oldest son so he’ll stop borrowing his Dad’s!


Useful gifts for guysCloud Key Finder

Does your guy lose his keys – like all the time??  Mine does too.  And I know we’ve all given them the spiel about putting them in the same place, but they never do, will they?  But this is different.  It’s MAGNETIC, so it makes it just a little bit fun, which means he’s more likely to actually use it.  Less grouching about his lost keys and blaming YOU for moving them, right??   This is definitely a winning gift for both of you.

Useful gifts for guysSuper Cool Flashlight Gloves

This item is perfect for any guy who likes to work on cars, lawn mowers, or just around the house.  It’s so much easier than a regular hand-held flashlight and also provides some protection for his hands as well.  This could be great for camping, hunting, or any outdoors use as well.

Useful gifts for guysColeman Propane 2 Burner Stove

We have something very similar and we’ve used it on every camping trip we’ve ever been on.  It’s probably 20+ years old and still going strong.  This stove is also a handy item to have on hand for emergency use.  It’s the perfect size to cook a couple of burgers or scramble up some eggs and it has a flip up windscreen to handle any bad weather.

Useful gifts for guys

Magnetic Wristband for Handyman Work

Here’s another one of my super useful gifts for men.  This is for the handyman guy who loves to work on little projects around the house.  I’ve heard more than a few cuss words from my husband when he drops screws and nails while he’s working on something.  This magnetic wristband is the bomb for holding items like that to free up their hands for the work.

Useful gifts for guys

Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool

This is just one of those super cool little dealies that guys LOVE to show off to their friends.  It’s got 18 different handy tools including a ruler, a bottle opener, several different screwdrivers, and a couple of hex wrenches, even a cell phone stand.  And it fits in his wallet.  This is perfect for a stocking stuffer, or for any small gift that a guy would get a big kick out of.

Useful gifts for guys

4 in one Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

OK ladies, let’s face it.  There is NOTHING guys love more than cool little gadgets they can show off for their friends.  They get the same charge out of it that we do when we have a new piece of beautiful jewelry or some lovely new shoes we can show off to OUR friends.  So, why wouldn’t you get him one of these so-cool pens??  Seriously, this is definitely in the useful gifts for men category.  It has a tactical high-powered flashlight, a glass-breaker tip in case he is ever trapped in a car, a bottle opener, and it’s made of heavy military grade aluminum.  And it writes well too and comes in a stylish gift box.

Useful gifts for men

Small Security Safe

This one isn’t just a fun toy, it’s actually a smart item to just keep in your home.  It looks about the same size they have in hotel rooms and it’s perfect to stash all your important papers, handguns, ammo, jewelry, computer backups, anything you don’t want criminals to get at, or to have within reach of inquisitive children.  It bolts directly to the wall with the included hardware.

Useful gifts for men

Remote Control Robot Bumper Cars

OK, this one IS just for fun, but most guys are big kids at heart and they will have so much fun with these robot bumper cars.  Heck, I’D have fun playing with these.  They are remote controlled and when they hit hard enough, the driver goes flying out!  This is definitely going to be a highlight of Christmas or birthday morning, just you watch and see!  I remember the Christmas we got all my grown nephews snowball throwers and in no time at all, they had lined up all the smaller kids like ducks in a shooting gallery, happily running back and forth while they flung snowballs at them. It was HILARIOUS.

Useful gifts for menBuild Your Own Combustion Engine

OK, this one is still in the fun category.  Most men love to tinker with things, but real engines are way too messy and greasy to have in the house.  But this one is nice and clean, and they can have a great time showing the kids how a real combustion engine works.  Something like this is SO much more fun than a boring old jigsaw puzzle or something.  And it would make a great gift for a teen.  I’ve always insisted my kids take an auto mechanics class in school.  Just knowing how to fix a few simple things can save them hundreds of dollars when they’re grown.


Useful gifts for men

Digital Tire Inflator

Since we’re talking cars, let’s have a look at this digital tire inflator.  Guys seem to be obsessed with tires.  My husband is always asking me about mine and I haven’t a clue.  Unless a light comes on or the car stops altogether, I don’t pay any attention.  But he just loves to whip out a tire gauge to check my tire pressure.  A digital one would be MUCH more fun I think.  And besides, look how COOL it looks…

Useful gifts for men

13-in-1 Emergency Kit for the Outdoors

When I first saw this, I thought of Scout Dad’s or people who hike and spend time outdoors.  But really, you’d be super smart to keep a little kit like this in your car.  And it would certainly give you a little peace of mind if your man is off hunting or hiking in rugged terrain.  It has a fire starter, an emergency blanket, a wire saw, a water bottle strap, a compass, a super loud whistle, a survival knife, a flashlight, a multi-tool, everything but a coffee maker!  And it all comes in a compact black case that he can throw in a pack or keep in a trunk.

Useful gifts for men

Electronics Organizer for Men Who Travel

This little kit is the bomb for anyone who travels.  We’ve taken to carrying around so many gadgets and chargers for all of them, it would be really helpful to have a little case like this where everything can be all organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  I’m packing for a week-long trip right now and wishing I had something like this to contain all of our cameras, iPads, phones, Kindles, Fitbits, and all their different cords.

Useful gifts for men

Device Charging Tower

Speaking of devices, you also need a way to keep them all charged up and ready to use.  This handy charging tower is a very cool way to do it.  This baby has 8 outlets and 6 USB ports to charge every device you can think of!

Useful gifts for men

The Bindle Bottle

I found this baby when I was looking for something else, but it stopped me in my tracks.  How SMART is this?  When you go to the gym and you’ve got no safe place to put your keys or your money, this is the perfect solution!  The bottom screws off to reveal a little storage chamber for your STUFF.  And no one would ever think twice about a water bottle.  Everyone and his dog is carrying one around these days.  Genius!  Comes in 8 colors and will keep 24 ounces of water cold for 24 hours.

Useful gifts for men

Device Charging Station

I know we already have some charging options on the list, but this one was just so cool looking, I had to include it.  Most men enjoy gadgets just as much as anyone and having one station like this where they can bring all the devices together and charge them up like this.  Can you remember the old He-Man cartoon series??  My oldest son just loved that show – I HAVE THE POWER!!!  That’s what this reminds me of.

Useful gifts for men

Bonus Item – Bug-A-Salt Rifle

Thought I’d throw in a bonus item just for fun.  I know my guys and I know each one of them would have all sorts of fun with this silly toy.  It’s kind of like a Nerf gun, but you fill it with a bit of ordinary table salt.  Then you can shoot down flies with it, pretty accurately according to the reviews.  And it has a whopping four THOUSAND reviews on it, nearly all of them positive.  Check out the reviews – about half of them are wives complaining that their husbands are leaving the doors open all the time to get more bugs in the house to shoot at!  Clearly, this is a fabulously popular toy for guys.

Useful gifts for men

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of useful gifts for men.  I had a good time searching out all these fun and interesting items.  And I’ll be happy to have all the links here for my guys.  I hope your guys will enjoy them as much as the ones I buy for my crew.

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