10 Ways to Ease the Stress of Moving

10 Simple Strategies to Ease the Stress of Moving

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  1. Moving – Start Your Planning Early.

If you have are fortunate enough to know about your upcoming move, double the time you think you’ll need to get everything done. That will help ease the stress of moving.  Once you start packing (learn how to pack like a boss here) you’ll probably realize you have more belongings than you even realized.  This is a great chance to spend some additional time to sort and organize through your possessions making a mental inventory of what you own. This will make the unpacking process easier later and you might even be surprised by what you find!

  1. A Safe Haven Amongst the Boxes.

Leave a little sanctuary in your living area that doesn’t get packed until the last minute. The little sense of familiarity amongst a completely disheveled home can actually have a great impact on your mood, stress, and overall mindset. In this area keep your day-to-day necessities like your keys, book, & electronics. This way you won’t be living out of boxes for any longer than you have to. This is one of my best tips for movers.  

3.Make Time for your Regular Activities.

Of course preparing for a move should be a priority, it’s a lot of work! Although, It is important you don’t let moving  completely consume you. Make time for your day-to-day rituals, whether that be a routine walk in the park, your favorite class at the gym, or coffee/cocktails with friends. Don’t become too busy and tired from the move, this excuse will take a toll on your happiness and negatively impact your ability to cope with the surprise stressors of your upcoming move.

  1. Expect a few Mishaps Along the Way.

You’re going to be irritable and cranky at times during this process. Just like any other day, nothing ever happens quite perfectly – so don’t let the stress of moving be the straw to break the camel’s back. Be mindful that your mood is off and know that it is completely normal – your life is in limbo. If and when something goes wrong, keep your composure and picture your new home on the horizon and remember why you’re making the move to begin with – there’s always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Remember, don’t take your bad mood out on other people – you might need their help unpacking.

  1. Accept or Employ Help.

Don’t try to do it all. Weight out the benefits of different moving services, find which service could be most convenient for your needs and alleviate certain stresses. Maybe hiring movers is a better idea than trying to pack a uhaul alone in the winter, consider all your options and explore a variety moving options here. If friends and family offer to help, take them up on this. It’s a win-win situation, you’ll have some quality goodbye bonding time and also an extra set of hands to tape boxes closed.

  1. Make A Dream List:

Compose a list of all the fun things you’re going to do once acclimated your your new space and/or city.  Moving long distance can be so stressful.  

This simple strategy will keep you motivated during the hard work, and stress of moving, giving you something to look forward to. Don’t lose the list!

  1. Pack a Moving Survival Kit.

Depending on how long you’ll be displaced and the distance of your move, your survival kit will have the essentials you can’t live without. Pack this bag slowly and mindfully to be sure you don’t leave anything out. You won’t want to be buying things you already own but can’t seem to put your hands on. Include things like medications, electronics, important documents, move related paperwork, keys, valuables, outfits, and other go-to possessions.

  1. Schedule time for goodbyes.

Sooner the better. Never easy but always important!  Especially for kids, it’s very stressful to say goodbye to their friends, so allow plenty of time for them to do it.  Learning how to move to another state is stressful for kids so you’ll have to take the lead to help them through it.  

  1. Self-awareness & self-compassion.

Realize that this is a hard time. You are struggling with the stress of moving, so go easy on yourself.  You’re going through a lot of emotional and existential changes. People have moved plenty of times and gone through the same feelings as you. Be kind to yourself and pamper, treat, spoil yourself along the way.

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  1. This is so far the most precise tip for moving I’ve read. I appreciate that you listed the goodbyes for the kids and self-awareness. Moving is stressful enough, I’d want to prepare not just my kids but also myself prior. Thankfully we can hire moving companies online, less hassle for everybody. 

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