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#6 & 7 – Roomba and Scooba.  I think of these as the twins.  Roomba takes care of any carpeted or hardwood floors, while Scooba takes care of mopping any linoleum, vinyl or tile flooring.  I used to have a early Roomba model until it committed suicide down the stairwell.  It was the topic of one of my very first posts back in 2007 – Ralph the Roomba.  Now I have a cheap knock-off of Ralph and I’m not thrilled with it, so I’m saving up to buy a new Ralph, Jr.  Honestly, these things are brilliant for just a quick little daily spiff up.  They don’t pick up everything and you have to watch them a bit so they don’t eat shoelaces, curtains, or stray socks, but they do get up little bits of lint, pet hair, and crumbs.  And sweeping and mopping are definitely on my list of least favorite chores!

#8 – Stomp ‘n Go Pads.  If you have pets or small kiddos, this is the product for you.  This is perfect for getting up minor spills with a minimum of effort. They are pre-moistened and you just lay them down and stop on them a few times. No vacuuming or scrubbing necessary.

#9 – Microbial Floor Mat. While we’re on the topic of floors, the reason they get so dirty is because of the dirt we track in on our shoes. If you can train your family to leave their shoes at the door, that it is a big help, but I’ve never managed that one. So instead I keep a large doormat both inside and outside the door to keep the majority of the dirt outside where it belongs!  And besides, look at this gorgeous paisley design!

#9 – Rolling Cat Box If you have cats, this is exactly what you need. I’ve had cats for many, many years and I’ve investigated every single style of catbox – even the expensive electronic ones that cost like $150. This one definitely wins the prize.  It’s super easy to use – you just fill it with litter and let nature take it’s course.  Then you roll it over, tap the bottom a few times, and all the nasty stuff just falls right into the drawer.  You dump it into a bag and voila!  Nice and clean and definitely in the LAZY category.

#10 – Press ‘n Seal wrap This is an idea I found on Pinterest (of course!) but I think it’s pure genius. No one likes scrubbing the kitchen shelves.  I have no idea how they get dirty so fast since all the food is in containers!  But with these, you just take sheets of Press ‘n Seal (which is the greatest invention known to man (or woman!) and cover all your shelves with them.  Then when they get too dirty, you just peel them off and put on fresh ones.  Genius!

So, there you have it, 10 of my most fabulous cleaning products.  I hope these help you.  If you end up getting any of them of if you’ve tried them, leave me a comment and tell me how they’ve worked for you.

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23 Comments on 10 Cleaning Products for LAZY People

    • Press ‘n Seal is the bomb and I was just using a Magic Eraser today. My son and daughter-in-law just bought their first house, so we spent the whole afternoon cleaning up their apartment – oh yay… But I’m glad to see them all settled.

  1. Some of these are great ideas! I tried the rolling cat box but it didn’t quite work like I thought it would. Maybe we didn’t roll it often enough hah

    • Oh bummer! We’ve had great luck with it, although I will have to say we have to empty it out every so often and give it a good hose out, but if we do that, it works great for us.

  2. Adrian, when I read “Lazy People”, it was like you were calling my name! Those rack protectors need to be called, flesh protectors! I’ve left plenty of mine as sacrifices to the god of the oven. Poor Ralph! Rest in Peace! I’ve never heard of the Scooba, but I need one ASAP!!!

    • I know those rack protectors are the bomb! Yes, with two cats and a St. Bernard, I think Ralph knew what he was doing when he threw himself down the stairs. He just couldn’t take it any more!

    • Four cats? Yes, you definitely NEED this catbox. It is seriously awesome. Wish I’d discovered it years ago. Here is a guest post of mine that just went up today with a couple of other great products you need.

    • I think we are all just BUSY. No one’s got time any more to be down on your hands and knees scrubbing floors and cleaning baseboards. If my Mom had 3 things to do in a day, she was having a busy day. If I have more than 15 things to do in a day, that’s about average for me. So I’ll take all the shortcuts I can find.

  3. These are all great ideas!! I’d also add crockpot liners. 🙂 Crockpots are for quick and easy meals, and who wants to spend more time cleaning up than you do cooking. Dump the juice, toss the bag, maybe wipe the inside of the crockpot down with a wet paper towel and you’re good to go.

    • Oh man! I wish I’d thought to add those. They are brilliant, although half the time I get the crockpot all loaded and then look down and think whoops, forgot the darn liner again. I couldn’t find them at Wal-Mart last week, so I just bought some of those big turkey bags and they work nicely too. Thanks for visiting!

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