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10 Cleaning Products for Lazy People @AdriansCrazyLif These are some fabulous products that will help you keep your home much cleaner with minimal effort.

Anyone who knows me knows that housework is not my favorite activity.  I mean, I do enough to get by, but you will never find me scrubbing light switch covers with a toothbrush.  So, I am always up for any kind of cleaning products I can find that will save me some cleaning time.  I have several previous posts that have lots of helpful hints for you:

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Now, I’m going to focus on some fabulous “lazy people” cleaning products that will help you keep your house in Apple Pie order with minimal effort.

Note:  These products do contain affiliate links.  If you click on them, I will get a tiny commission – yay me!  This helps me provide great ideas to you and keep my site up and running for another month.

Product #1:  Silicone grill mat.  We like to BBQ a lot and it’s such a pain to scrub and scrub that grill with a wire brush.  These mats are the bomb!  They keep your food off the grimy grill, but they still leave those nice grill marks on your steaks and chops.  They also have the added bonus of keeping the food and drippings from falling through onto the flame.  They also wash up nicely if you clean them while they are still warm.

#2 – Oven Liner – This is what I was looking for when I found the grill mats.  Cleaning the oven is a big fat hairy pain!  So why not use these oven liners instead?  I originally looked at some Teflon ones, but I saw several comments that people’s pet birds had died from the fumes of emitted by them.  I’m thinking if it kills birds, it’s probably just as bad for us, so I opted for these foil versions instead.

#3 – Burner guards.  The liners take care of the inside of the oven, but not the crud that drips down into the burners (yes, I still have the old-style burners).  I just use foil on mine, but it’s pretty flimsy and I like these disposable liners much better.  Looks like these are for gas burners, but they have ones for electric burners too.

#4 – Gap covers.  These were in the kitchen section, but they could also be used for the edges of bathroom counters, or the edges of your washer/dryer.  And it keeps the little crumbs and stuff that builds up in there and keeps things looking neat with very little effort.

#5 – Rack Protectors.  OK, these ones won’t save you any labor, but I thought they were very cool anyway.  You snap them onto the edges of the racks and then you don’t accidentally burn your hand or arm when you’re taking hot stuff out of the oven.  How brilliant is that?  I don’t know about you, but I’ve done that lots of times.  I’ve been using them for several months and haven’t had one burn yet!

OK, we’re halfway there – click NEXT for the rest of the list.

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23 Comments on 10 Cleaning Products for LAZY People

    • Press ‘n Seal is the bomb and I was just using a Magic Eraser today. My son and daughter-in-law just bought their first house, so we spent the whole afternoon cleaning up their apartment – oh yay… But I’m glad to see them all settled.

  1. Some of these are great ideas! I tried the rolling cat box but it didn’t quite work like I thought it would. Maybe we didn’t roll it often enough hah

    • Oh bummer! We’ve had great luck with it, although I will have to say we have to empty it out every so often and give it a good hose out, but if we do that, it works great for us.

  2. Adrian, when I read “Lazy People”, it was like you were calling my name! Those rack protectors need to be called, flesh protectors! I’ve left plenty of mine as sacrifices to the god of the oven. Poor Ralph! Rest in Peace! I’ve never heard of the Scooba, but I need one ASAP!!!

    • I know those rack protectors are the bomb! Yes, with two cats and a St. Bernard, I think Ralph knew what he was doing when he threw himself down the stairs. He just couldn’t take it any more!

    • Four cats? Yes, you definitely NEED this catbox. It is seriously awesome. Wish I’d discovered it years ago. Here is a guest post of mine that just went up today with a couple of other great products you need.

    • I think we are all just BUSY. No one’s got time any more to be down on your hands and knees scrubbing floors and cleaning baseboards. If my Mom had 3 things to do in a day, she was having a busy day. If I have more than 15 things to do in a day, that’s about average for me. So I’ll take all the shortcuts I can find.

  3. These are all great ideas!! I’d also add crockpot liners. 🙂 Crockpots are for quick and easy meals, and who wants to spend more time cleaning up than you do cooking. Dump the juice, toss the bag, maybe wipe the inside of the crockpot down with a wet paper towel and you’re good to go.

    • Oh man! I wish I’d thought to add those. They are brilliant, although half the time I get the crockpot all loaded and then look down and think whoops, forgot the darn liner again. I couldn’t find them at Wal-Mart last week, so I just bought some of those big turkey bags and they work nicely too. Thanks for visiting!

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