Simple Trick to Eliminate Library Fines

  I LOVE books.  I mean, I really LOVE books.  Before I discovered the interwebs and all the temptations therein, I used to read 3 or more books per week.  These days, I don’t read as much, but I still squeeze it in as often as I can.  Because I’m thrifty (or cheap – that […]

Organize Your Bill Paying System

I’m writing this on my bill paying day, so it got me thinking. Paying bills is an important part of our financial lives, maybe one of the most important parts, so I’m wondering what is your bill paying strategy? – Do you pay your bills right when they hit your mailbox? – Do you have […]

Is Pet Insurance a Smart Buy?

As the owner of four cats and a dog, I have paid out my share of vet bills.  Maybe even more than my share.  Last year, our St. Bernard – Joe got out of the yard, got hit by a car, and ended up with a broken leg that cost us about $800. It really […]

How to Save Hundreds on Your Power Bill

I used to be the leader of the local Green Team at my company. We have teams like this at our major locations to help with recycling and other “Green” initiatives. A while back, we had a conference for all our Green team leaders to get together to share ideas. We brought together the leaders […]

Enjoy a Cruise Without Going Broke or Getting FAT

    I’m so glad you’re here!       I just finished yet another cruise last week, so while I was on board, I was thinking of you guys and picking up little tips I’d like to share with you.  Cruises can be SO much fun, but they can be a LOT less expensive if you […]

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Lots of Thrifty Weight Loss Ideas

Every New Year’s Eve, what is the absolute number one resolution?  Hands down, it is always to lose weight.  It’s like the Holy Grail of resolutions!  Because of that, the diet and exercise industry is one of the richest in the world.  People spend thousands of dollars each year with hopes of losing weight – […]

Progress in the Teen Lunch Money Wars

Raising responsible teens is definitely an on-going process, so I think you need to celebrate every possible bit of progress.  I had one particular issue I had been fighting ever since we started in Jr. High – lunch money. Photo credit Neither of us likes making lunches, so we had initially decided to allow him […]

Disney’s Frozen Princess Elsa Braid Tutorial

Like just about every other girl these days, my granddaughter wants to be Princess Elsa from “Frozen” this year. It seems to be the most popular costume of the year! After MUCH searching, I finally found her a costume for a reasonable price, but I wanted to do something fun with her hair. So, after […]

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A Super Easy One-Hour Gift Idea

This is one of my rare crafty posts, but this little idea was just too easy and too good to share.  I used it as a graduation gift for my friend’s daughter, but you could use it for so many different uses for people of all ages – a neighbor, a co-workers, a friend from […]

Why Paying with CASH Hurts – It’s a Good Thing!

I know most people think that money is just money.  But I can tell you that there is an enormous difference between paying for things with cash and with other forms of payment – including credit/debit cards, checks, or your phone. Behavioral scientists have done probably hundreds of experiments over the years that clearly prove […]

My Son Got Married

So, my middle son Matt got married about a month ago.  I haven’t  posted the pictures from it because it’s taken a while to get the pictures back from the photographer.  But it was a lovely day and we were all excited to see them married.  Great weather – perfect since it was a rooftop […]

Save Money – Get a WATER ALARM

I am always surprised when I find that most people have not heard about a water alarm.  These things are BRILLIANT and have saved our bacon more times than I can count.  Water damage can be very expensive.  We’ve had water in our basement at least 10 times now from either our washer, our water […]

Outsmart the “Same as Cash” Programs

This post was inspired by a mistake made a while back by my now 25 year old son. This son, in fact. Yes, I know he’s a handsome fellow, but he’s not quite perfect. Like a lot of kids (okay, young adults!), he makes mistakes sometimes, especially regarding money. His latest mistake concerned a guitar.  Actually, […]

How to Negotiate the Best Deal on a Car

Next to buying a house, buying a car is one of the most expensive purchase we ever make.  However, it is also one of the most confusing and bewildering transaction.  It is one time in your life when you will be pitted against professionals who are focused on separating you from as much of your […]

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Used vs. New – Which to Choose and When

If there’s one thing that fascinates me about money, it’s about how prices fluctuate on things. Photo credit Take a cashmere sweater for instance: Full price: $75 Sale Price: $67.50 (10% off) Mega Sale Price:  $56.25 (25% off) End of Season Clearance Price:  $15 (80% off) Yard Sale Price: $5 Now, this is exactly the same item. […]