How to Save Hundreds on Your Power Bill

I used to be the leader of the local Green Team at my company. We have teams like this at our major locations to help with recycling and other “Green” initiatives. A while back, we had a conference for all our Green team leaders to get together to share ideas. We brought together the leaders […]

The Best Way to Help Adult Kids Manage Their Money

Adult kids don’t always have the best judgement.  Plus after a couple of decades of depending on the bank of Mom and Dad, it’s a hard habit to break.  But part of good parenting is to gently ease them out of the nest to allow them the responsibility for their financial lives. I have two […]

The Amazing POWER of Residual Income

I don’t normally share specific details about my finances.  It’s just not a great idea on the Internet, but I think I need to share a bit more than usual to illustrate this point about the power you can generate from residual income. Residual income can be many things – it can be interest income […]

The TRICK to Minimum Payments

Credit card debt can be a significant drain on your budget. Even if you’ve gotten smart and put the cards away (or cut them up!), you still need to find a way to rid yourselves of those pesky balances. One trap that many debt-ridden consumers get into is just paying the minimum payments. Here’s why […]

The Daily Finance Lessons are Starting to Pay Off

As a finance blogger and a Scout leader, I am passionate about teaching young people about money.  To me, it isn’t just a one-shot deal.  It is a string of opportunities to both teach them and show them some easy ways to manage their money.  It’s not just being thrifty, though that’s part of it. […]

Why Paying with CASH Hurts – It’s a Good Thing!

I know most people think that money is just money.  But I can tell you that there is an enormous difference between paying for things with cash and with other forms of payment – including credit/debit cards, checks, or your phone. Behavioral scientists have done probably hundreds of experiments over the years that clearly prove […]

The POWER of a Properly Worded Complaint

As I mentioned recently, my son got married. It was a very nice wedding, but there were several glitches that marred the day.  There were enough small problems that we ended up making a formal complaint to the reception company.  Which actually worked quite nicely.   It was kind of ironic because my daughter-in-law and […]

My Son Got Married

So, my middle son Matt got married about a month ago.  I haven’t  posted the pictures from it because it’s taken a while to get the pictures back from the photographer.  But it was a lovely day and we were all excited to see them married.  Great weather – perfect since it was a rooftop […]

Why Auto-Renew is Such a BAD Idea

This post was inspired by today’s real-life experience.  One of my previous posts was about my son Matt’s big mistake (90 days same as cash – NOT!).  This one is about my son Blake’s blooper.  You know – this guy!   Here he is showing off his new bleached blond ‘do for his first day […]

Progress in the Teen Money Wars

Raising responsible teens is definitely an on-going process, so I think you need to celebrate every possible bit of progress.  I had one particular issue I had been fighting ever since we started in Jr. High – lunch money.   Photo credit Neither of us likes making lunches, so we had initially decided to allow […]

Save Money using Stealth Savings

Sometimes I think the saving habit is one of the hardest habits to develop.  But that savings account has saved my butt so many times, I just don’t understand how people function without one.   I think the trap people fall into is thinking that they don’t have “enough” money to develop a regular savings habit.  […]

Where there’s a will….

there’s a lot of relatives. Boy, is this old saying true! At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ll say that I think we’re finally at the end of settling my father-in-law’s estate and man has it been a wild ride!  I think I can safely say that this has been the most stressful six months […]

“Retail” Therapy = Such a Bad Idea

I think the source of a large portion of debt, is due to the effects of “retail therapy” or “recreational shopping”. This is the practice of non-need based shopping and it’s very big problem for a lot of people, especially for women.   Photo credit   When we were first married, this was a big […]

Changing Your Financial Behaviors

When it comes to your finances, it’s kind of like the nature vs. nurture debate.  You can have all the financial knowledge in the world, but if you don’t have a handle on your behavior, you aren’t any better off than someone who doesn’t know a mutual fund from a credit union.    In fact, I […]