Grocery Store Couponing Strategies

Today we have a guest poster from  I’ve long wanted to do a couponing guest post because it’s the one financial strategy where I have no expertise.  But Jason is a pro at it, so I’ve asked him to share some of his couponing magic with my readers.       Jason Feller is […]

The Biggest Financial Mistake Women Make

I’m going to clue you in on the biggest mistake many women make in their financial lives. They depend on other people – typically their husbands or partners, but sometimes their parents also, to keep them financially safe.  We can’t help it – we are trusting people, and we like the thought that someone else […]

7 Secrets to Prevent Identity Theft

Here is some good common sense advice that was passed onto me years ago by an attorney I know.   With all of the security breaches we’ve been having lately, this is some excellent advice to do whatever you can to prevent identity theft and to limit the amount of damage if it does happen […]

How to Build a Debt Snowball

OK, first of all, I should probably explain what a debt snowball is and how it works.  They are fairly easy to set up and use, and they are very powerful.  It’s even easier since I’ve found a great FREE resource that will help you create your own Debt Snowball. What IS a Debt Snowball? […]

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Electronics

You know that I am always looking for new ways to help you guys save money.  And I love my electronic gadgets just as much as the next person.  We covered a lot of that in my article Six Tips to Tame Your Social Media Addiction that was the featured blogger tip over the The […]

5 Unique Ways to Save Money on

  Disclaimer:  I was not compensated by Fiverr in any way for this post, but if you click over and order any of my gigs, I will receive compensation for my work – yay me!  This is one of many ways I keep this site up and running.  Once in a while you run across […]

Simple Trick to Eliminate Library Fines

  I LOVE books.  I mean, I really LOVE books.  Before I discovered the interwebs and all the temptations therein, I used to read 3 or more books per week.  These days, I don’t read as much, but I still squeeze it in as often as I can.  Because I’m thrifty (or cheap – that […]

50 Slow Cooker Recipes from the Six Sisters

Remember these cute girls?  I went on a cruise with them in January and then I went to their conference in February. Now, they’ve got me COOKING!  Yes, me!  Actually cooking.  That’s quite a joke around our family that I can do just about anything but cook.  But it’s true.  My Mom brought me up […]

Why I Can NOT Be Trusted at COSTCO

I am just about the only woman I know who does not have a membership at Costco or Sam’s or any other of the big box stores.  It’s hard sometimes when I hear my friends singing the praises of the latest tasty item they’ve found there, or I see what terrific deals they find.  I’d […]

Give Your NAUGHTY Credit Card a TIME OUT

I found a post on one of my social media sites that really got me thinking. This lady was declaring a 90-day spending moratorium because she realized she had created some real debt issues for her family.  It wasn’t the fact that she was sharing this that got me thinking.  It was the response to […]

Organize Your Bill Paying System

I’m writing this on my bill paying day, so it got me thinking. Paying bills is an important part of our financial lives, maybe one of the most important parts, so I’m wondering what is your bill paying strategy? – Do you pay your bills right when they hit your mailbox? – Do you have […]

Is Pet Insurance a Smart Buy?

As the owner of four cats and a dog, I have paid out my share of vet bills.  Maybe even more than my share.  Last year, our St. Bernard – Joe got out of the yard, got hit by a car, and ended up with a broken leg that cost us about $800. It really […]

From Worry to Wealthy Book Review

Chellie Campbell is one of my secret weapons when it comes to earning more money.  I’ve been getting her newsletter for about five years now and I always come away with new ideas. Her concept is that there are three basic money types – sharks, tuna, and dolphins.  You don’t want to be a shark […]

Teach Your Bank to Yell at You

  Overspending is one of the things that can really mess up a debt management plan.  I know it trips me up again and again.  Here’s a clever idea that might help.   What if you were really serious about getting your spending under control? You could set it up so that your husband gets […]

How to Save Hundreds on Your Power Bill

I used to be the leader of the local Green Team at my company. We have teams like this at our major locations to help with recycling and other “Green” initiatives. A while back, we had a conference for all our Green team leaders to get together to share ideas. We brought together the leaders […]