Grammarly is a Great Resource for Bloggers

Blogging can be a lot of work, but Grammarly is a great resource to make it just a little easier.  It can automate many common tasks for you, such as checking spelling and grammar.  It can even act as a plagiarism filter to determine if others are copying your material. Disclosure – many of my […]

Epic Resources for Autistic Kids

A lot of my friends have kids on the Asperger’s or Autism spectrum.  It’s a difficult parenting challenge.  Other friends are special ed teachers – also very tough.  So when I found this terrific website called National Autistism Resources with some very unique products for autistic kids, I thought I’d share some links for them. […]

Make Your Own Custom-Designed Photo Gifts

There is nothing I love so much as photos of my family and many of my most favorite gifts I’ve given are from Shutterfly.  I’ve done personalized photo mugs several times – with my son’s wedding photos, with a photo of four generations of my family, and with other family photos as Christmas gifts for […]

Three GENIUS Products for Cats

OK, in my last post about cats, I promised you a couple of products for your own feline friends.  As I mentioned, I have owned a whole passel of kitties, so I have tried just about every product out there and these are the ones that have worked out well for me. If you will […]

2nd Annual Bloggers Night Out at Gardner Village

  Last year, I attended the 1st Annual Blogger’s Night Out presented by My Craft Channel and Gardner Village.  I had a wonderful time, so I was definitely on the lookout for the announcement of this year’s event.   If you’ve ever wondered what our blogger nights out are all about, check out this video.  It’s […]

My Cheesy Afternoon on the Dairy Farm

A couple of weeks ago, about 20 of my blogger friends and I paid a little visit to a local dairy farm.  We were sponsored by the Mom It Forward organization and the Dairy Council of UT/NV.  We always have the best time on these blogger events!   We went up to Canyon View Farms […]

Healthy Eating – The Painless Way

We all want our families to eat healthy foods, however, the process of getting them on board with the idea can be tough.  Here are a couple of easy ideas to painlessly “nudge” your family into some better eating habits. 1.  Make the good things easy and the bad things hardKeep fruits and vegetables cut […]

Blogger’s Night at Gardner Village

Sometimes bloggers get to have so much fun.  Gardner Village – one of our local businesses set up a fabulous night for our huge group of bloggers.  Gardner Village is a fabulous old flour mill that they have set up into a restaurant and a collection of awesome shops.  Each shop is in it’s own […]

Book Review: The Calligrapher’s Daughter

I don’t often do book reviews because I read a lot of books that are kind of off the beaten path.  What can I say?  I’m a bit of an oddball – I like science fiction, self-help/inspirational books, and I adore brainy type stuff like Freakonomics and Predictably Irrational.  So rather than confirm what an […]

Mission Possible – A MUST READ Book

I have been reading a book this week and I am SO excited about it.  It’s called Mission Possible – How the Secrets of the Success Academies Can Work in any School by Eva Moskowitz and Arin Lavinia.  I literally think this should be required reading for every teacher, principal, and parent in America. This […]

Bloggers Have Fun at El Pollo Loco

Just after Christmas I got an invitation I was really excited about.  My local bloggers group was sponsoring an event at our local El Pollo Loco.  Well, it’s not exactly local for me, it’s in Lehi, which is about 20 miles from me, but what’s a bit of a drive for some good food?   When […]

(Blogger) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I have to say, bloggers get to have the MOST fun of anyone I know.  Look at this fabulous party our local T-Mobile store put together for our local group of blogger ladies. Cute boys in pink Santa hats – wow, bloggers have a rough life! Yummy treats! Swag bags This was Garrett, my personal […]

How Cut your Power Bill and Save Money

I am the leader of the local Green Team at my company.  We have designated teams like this at our major locations around the company to come up with ways to help the company be more socially responsible through recycling and other “Green” initiatives.  This week, we had our first ever Green team leadership conference in Charlotte, […]

Book Review “Throw Out Fifty Things”

My tip for today is a book review.  I’ve been listening to the audio book of Throw Out Fifty Things – Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life by Gail Blanke.  I enjoyed it so much, I listened to it twice through.   It’s a lot different than it sounds – it isn’t just about just throwing […]

The Entitlement Trap – book discussion

I had a chance to learn about a new book that will be coming out soon from Richard and Linda Eyre called The Entitlement Trap.  I was really interested in this book because I have enjoyed one of their previous volumes “How to Teach Your Children Responsibility”.  They have a whole line of parenting books […]